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 Beware of Fraudulent Cashiers Checks6 comments
12 May 2005 @ 19:06, by Raymond Powers

Be careful when selling things to private parties. even cashiers checks that look completely real can be fraudulent. Get the money first and wait until it clears, or better yet, sell local get cash or use PayPal.

I recently sold my Alienware Are 51-M laptop via an ad I put in the Los Angeles Recycler magazine. I sent the package COD FedEx Ground to the (not so) gentleman in Reno, Nevada. He told me his name was Ollie Westbrook at 345 Westbrook Lane, Reno, NV. FedEx picked up the cashiers check, no signature was required, I deposited the cachiers check, bought a new laptop and a week later when I went to my bank they told me there was a stop payment on the cashiers check. The check was from Great Basin Federal Credit Union. It had an incorrect routing number on it. Turns out the bank has a detective investigating this already due to several other fraudulent cashiers check being issued.

I had spoken to the guy 2-3 times on the phone and as many emails. When I called and emailed him after the stop payment, guess what, both were no out of order.

There weren't really any telltale signs this was going to be a rip off except for his hurry to get it and not wanting to pay through paypal, which was okay with me since I didn't want to losee the % paypal takes. But I lost alot more.

The main signalss I got not to ship it was I had to go to three different places to get it shipped. The 1st the man who knew COD wasn't there, the 2nd didn't do COD's anymore, the 3rd their computers were down, so I went back to the 1st later in the day and I shipped it off. Life does give us information to go by if we stop to listen. Tricky balance between will and guidance. I was willful and pushed on through this time.

And though I am back pedaling a bit now financially, the upside is I am really enjoying my new Mac Powerbook which I bought with non-existeant funds.

May we live long, love and prosper.

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31 May 2005 @ 15:24 by Sam @ : Fraudulant Ollie Westbrook
Did you follow up with a police report or anything?  

31 May 2005 @ 16:53 by Raymond Powers @ : Ripp off
Question for you, you signed your email Wes, but the email is from Samuel Meyer?  

7 Nov 2005 @ 21:59 by PESADOS @ : ripped off!
I am currently receiving offers for a vehicle i have for sale on the auto trader. Up to now i hav not received one phone call fro the buyier and is agreeing to send me a cashiers check for the amout of $21,300 for my vehicle. What advise can you give me on finding out if this check has funds!  

7 Nov 2005 @ 22:25 by vibrani : Maybe you could
have a phone bank transfer done, or some automatic deposit from the buyer's bank to your bank? You would have to give them your account info or a contact at your bank. They can verify the funds that way for you.  

5 Jun 2007 @ 16:03 by Heather McCullough @ : Please help
Is this happening to me? I recieved a check in the mail(4800.00) assumed it was some of the back child support we were supposed to getting (6000.00)We deposited it and were told by another bank that it was valid..We payed our rent for a few months and also some other over due bills.
I got an email this morning telling me that this guy in the uk sent me the check and i need to western union him the money back because it was an accident and he wants the money back ( well we already payed all the bills so it is gone) He said that he is calling his lawyer and we are thieves ..What do e do if the money is fake why did the bank cash the check and what is gonna happen if it is are we going to be 4800 in the hole omg so far the funds in the bank are alright i checked this morn but omg what do i do?  

12 Oct 2007 @ 05:47 by rory @ : heather mccullough
first of all I would close your bank account and open a new account some where else. He has only 2 months to say to his bank that this was a mistake and that he wants his money back. He has to prove it was his. THERE IS SCAMS REGARDING THIS. BE CAREFUL. THEY GET YOU TO CASH THEIR CHECK AND THEN WANT YOU TO SEND IT TO THEM. fIRST OF ALL HOW DID HE GET YOUR EMAIL AND YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS TO SEND YOU THIS MONEY? i DONT KNOW IF YOU ARE SEEING THIS OR NOT. AM WILLING TO HELP BUT EMAIL ME AT  

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