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 The American War
9 Apr 2003 @ 02:56, by waalstraat

The major reason for the American War on Iraq, is not just control of the oil fields, but that is a major geo-political reason. The real reason is...

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The Real Reasons for The American War!

Okay, let me come right out with my thesis and that is the war between the U.S. ( its cronies) and Iraq is a fake. Oh yeah, real people are being slaughtered, innocent civilians are being killed, and soldiers on both sides have been manipulated into attacking each other; but don’t be fooled! This war has little if anything to do with Weapons of Mass Destruction which Saddam may or may not have. I think he has them but they were no threat.

The real war is between two extremely powerful global oligarchies: The American corporate/ financial/ military industrial/ petrochemical/pharmaceutical/ oligarchy and the European/ corporate/ financial/ military industrial/ petrochemical/pharmaceutical/ oligarchy.
This war with Iraq which militarily is one America can’t lose, is just an opening skirmish between the two great Global economic powers.
Here is the Real reason we are at war with Iraq—well at least the major reason: explains why the USA is willing to face the wrath of world opinion.
2.It explains why corporate, military, industrial complex is willing to face off old allies and the UN to “protect the American economy in face of what they perceive could become a lethal economic cancer.

Iraq is just a tragic battlefield in a grand economic war game between the US and Britain on one side, and a majority of the EU led by France, and Germany joined by Russia, and China, that has already begun before the US and Britain invaded Iraq.

Moreover, if it seems to that George W. and his Strangelove coterie are the only bad guys forget it. Don’t be fooled by France Germany’s, Russia and China’s Academy award winning performance over the last few months. You see their economic and domestic interests allowed them to play the good guys; whereas, their true motives have nothing to do with morality.

We just have to get it in our heads when it comes to government there are no good guys but maybe some are more benign than others and that probably has to do with their social priorities.

Oh for sure the American leadership regime which is now fronting for their oligarchy are really bad guys, off the wall, and a anathema to morality, but so are the French, Russians, and Germans although they have donned humanistic costumes that make them seem like good guys. Albeit, it may be true the Americans may be the most dangerous regime in existence to day under the leadership of Dick Chaney the A.O.’s (American oligarchy) chief expediter and his underground coterie, along with his front man George Jr who most Americans believe is leading the country
What has been so confusing is, that like any complex social interaction, the causes behind the social political theatre that is being played out are multi-factorial, so its not only hard to keep ones eye on the ball, it’s almost impossible to find it--for it’s nearly invisible.

The American public by a majority support the war; which is not so amazing considering the quality of information they are being bombarded with! However, it may be shameful and sad. Still I must say I feel like I'm having a bad dream when American citizens with thoughtful expressions, say they are willing to accept the American losses if we win this war and get back for 9/11 when interviewed by TV reporters. September 11th, what does that have to do with this war?

The US government has not and dare not, reveal the true reason for taken on Iraq at this time. Their contrived reasons why Iraq is a threat that had to be dealt with immediately failed to present a convincing case to anyone except individuals whose concentration and literacy can only handle sound bites.

Of course, this battle is about oil but that is only the tip of the iceberg. The real story is that this war is being fought over--which will rein supreme-- the oil Dollar, or the oil Euro.

The media both in Europe and America are owned and tied to huge conglomerate corporations, which politically rule the Corpocracy, whose activities the media is suppose to report about. In each corporate state, the media has become an important tool to woo their own constituents, as well as manipulate world public opinion. Moreover, their masters don’t want the truth printed because they fear dire economic consequences if the truth be known for both the Europeans and the Americans. So neither America or the Europe have let on to the real raison de étre:
On both scores Americas foes and competitor have won the initial media skirmishes with the Bush Administration in the court of world public opinion, hands down. However, they knew they were facing a formidable military and economic power that they dare not antagonize too far. However, the stakes are so great they will continue to fight the game hoping to whittle down the American Military Giant to size. And they will continue fighting taticals battles with the US in the aftermath of the war to show the OPEC nations they are the good guys in terms of OPEC long-term interest rather than America

Actually, Hussein really triggered the current war. Saddam Hussein, signed his own death warrant, when he petitioned the UN to allow him to sell oil for Euros rather than Dollars and to convert his sanctioned, held in escarole, funds in the US to Euros. He did so when the Euro was running about .83 cents. At the time it was widely reported, that to be under less control of the United States he took a huge loss in oil profits which was painted by the economic media as one more proof of how daffy he is. However, since then the Euro had climbed to parity with the dollar and has slowly been losing strength since the war began. Anyway, Saddam has raked in a huge profit. Hence, its no coincidence that the Euro strengthened, it was all due to Hussein’s move to detangle himself from America and strike back at them at the same time by setting an example for other OPEC states to witness. That is going to prove to he his last and fatal miscalculation.
How could he have made such a miscalculation? The answer is simple: He was convinced France, Germany, Russia and China, three of the four being Security Counsel members and the other an important ally of the US, could hold the US at Bay.

Why did Saddam think that? Well in case you don’t know it-- right now--Iraq’s developed oil reserves are second only to Saudi Arabia. However Iraq has two, maybe three oil fields, needing to be developed, that with the proper investment, could yield so much of the black stuff that Iraq would be the number one oil producer in the world. So it just so happened that all the European countries and China cut deals with Saddam to develop those fields when sanctions would be lifted. Then they proceeded to try to expedite the lifting of sanctions. But that wasn’t what pushed the US and England over the brink, although they were cut out from enjoying the fruit of those fields.

So then what pushed America over the brink, making it visible to most of the world that morality is not a major concern in American strategic planning and action, although they would like the world to believe it, and if not the world at least their own population. Interesting enough as American soldiers are being interviewed on the battlefield they express the feeling theirs is a moral battle, while being fairly sickened by the killing they have had to do, and by seeing what slaughter it has involved.

Here’s what did it! Until Saddam, OPEC and all other oil countries have demanded payment in dollars--and for the time being, they still are demanding dollars--since, for years the dollar has been the strongest world currency. The fact that oil is the lifeblood of industrial countries, and the dollar is required to purchase that commodity has resulted in America’s hegemony in the world market place.
Think what would happen if there were a sudden shift to the euro by the OPEC nations

Saddam selling oil for Euros represents the first chink in the economic armor protecting the dollar. As one author noted, “You can bet the Alarm bells started ringing in the American Intelligence community when the UN gave Hussein permission to convert to Euros under the threat he would stop producing oil if they didn’t. That was immediately perceived as a potential threat to the balance of power between the fledgling Euro, and the old solid dollar. What if there was a Domino effect and OPEC switched to the Oil Euro. The US with all it conservative emphasis on competition just wouldn’t tolerate it. Especially with the oil prince and his regent leading the country.

The euro could compete with the dollar as long as oil transactions and currency conditions were excluded from the competition. Step over that boundary and you can bet sooner or later there would be and undeclared war even if you have to declare another war to hide the real one. Any economist could tell you that a very rapid conversion of that sort, would with little doubt would destroy the American economy, and throw it into an economic crisis that would make the Great Depression appear anemic by comparison.

There would surely be a catastrophic market crash, and a run on banks. Of course there might be diplomatic alternatives to that scenario, one for instance in which the euro came to replace the dollar slowly, or another where the currency would change back and forth by some formula, or America would strengthen its economy in case there is ever a switch over. The American, economy has been incredibly strong, and if it was regulated strongly enough it could withstand the changeover from dollars to Euros for oil.
But to expect the boys, who take corporate greed baths daily, to regulate corporations in any meaningful way. is foo-foo-land thinking.

What happened next raised the alarm bells to a most alarming volume. Iran announced it was contemplating switching to the Euro for their oil currency. That was sufficient evidence for the US and Britain (who has not of yet joined the euro) to fear a snowballing effect resulting in the Oil Euro replacing the Oil dollar. That was the straw that broke the Oil Dollar protectors back.. OPEC had to be shown they would be confronting a giant who isn’t joking around when it comes to protect the dollar as the Oil currency. The Europeans had to be shown that America would break fifty year old alliances and divide Europe, if it had to, in order to secure the interest of its own American Oligarchy.

However there are other goodies to gained by attacking Saddam Hussein’s Iraq and having to rebuild their government institutions and infrastructure. And the US corporate oligarchy has been preparing to rake it all in.

America and Britain would have an enormous concentration of troops on the Saudi’s border and also Iran’s, which would be a powerful incentive for both to be ultra cautioUS about being involved in activities that could weaken America and Britain economically.

It is no news that Saudi has been double-dealing, by semi cooperating with Corpro-Imperial America, while funneling funds to their homegrown terrorists and fundamentalist. That would be too dangerous to continue, however if it doesn’t continue there might be a fundamentalist revolution in Saudi Arabia, which would give America with a couple of hundred thousand troops in the neighborhood an excuse to “protect” the Saudi Oil fields. The OPEC nations would not even tease around with the Dollar. And the Euro will weaken once again. So, although Europe is almost as big a market as the US it will be handicapped by a weaker currency.

Of course France, Germany, Russia and China will put up a big fuss, and insist the US stop giving contracts to the American Oligarchy Corporations to build a new Iraq, for they still want to be at least be cut in, in some way and get some goodies too, for their Oligarchies. They are going to insist that the United Nations set up a provisional government for they know a provisional government set up by Uncle Sam will give the US most of the Pie. Poor Tony Blair’s country is in the European Union yet not a member of the Euro…so you can be sure he will try for a compromise, and that will probably get Britain a bigger slice of the pie offer from the US. America will threaten Europe with forging a new European alliance with the New Europe—The former Soviet Satellite states. That will place America well on the European continent between Western Europe and Russian…lots more reward there for the “New Europe” than the pitiful subsidies doled out to them by the EU.

So the point is there are no real good guys in this great big, totally new, geo-political game that has been initiated by the Bush Boys.

Of course the plan had already been developed in 1992, they just had to get the right puppet in as President of the US and be given a cause that would prompt the oligarchy to say “Get Ready” (that was Hussein changing over to the Euro for oil trading) and then wait for an incident to justify it and galvanize the American people (and that was (911). And all the time behind the scenes the EU was working on their plan to encourage OPEC to change the oil currency to the Euro, and were busy getting Russia behind them. Getting Russia behind them wasn’t difficult considering the way Bush has been slapping the Russian’s around.

However, I don’t mean to imply that everything the Europeans were doing when resisting American plans was malevolent or super-greedy too. Just most of it was. Of course, they are also terrified about destabilizing the Middle East, since many of them are home to a growing population of Moslem citizens, and that can have unpredictable consequences for them in their home lands. However, the main reason for the European disentanglement from their American ally is (and it no secret though off the record) many of the European leaders are convinced Bush is a madman, and an idiot. They should know they have interacted with him in private and came out of the meetings stunned.

Most of these ideas about the Euro and the Dollar are not mine. Independent journalist, who could not get it published in the mainstream press, has posted them all over the web; however, it's the only theory that handles all the facts, and explains what’s behind the American War. However, the total intergration and most of the generalizations are indeed mine outside of the theory are mine. As it is becoming clear the Americans are going to tumble Hussein in relatively quick time, just watch the Euro and the Dollar, the dollar is already climbing. There will be some feints and parris but watch the dollar rise.

Where I'm Coming From...

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