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17 Apr 2003 @ 02:50, by waalstraat

Post-Modern-Modernist Soliloquy...

Soliloquy: a dramatic monologue that gives the illusion of being a series of unspoken reflections...

Is this a Post Modern or Modernist rap?
Oh Gosh I am so Confused...

IT'S NEW EVERY WEEKDAY: An Abstract Art Piece by Bernard;

ABSTRACT ART by bernard wisser

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Post Modern Modernist’s Post Modern Rap

Or is it

Modernist Post Modernist’s Rap

Or is it

Oh Gosh I am so Confused…

If you are asking yourself, "What is that Bernard Wisser (Waalstraat) talking about now?" maybe I should define what a post modern modernist is. Most of the Post Modern Modernist fall into the 50 plus age group; however, you will find us in every age group. You will find more of us amongst the post hippies and post academics. Whatever our background is, we are now living in the postmodern period of the modern times which peeked somewhere in the middle of the century just past.

I guess I have to define Modernist too. I really can't define one without the other.

Modernist are likely to have an underlying belief that there is a reason for being born, as well as their feeling like their lives are missions of some sort. They have a strong belief in unification, an aversion to division, yet simultaneously have a strong sense of individual freedom, are experimentally inclined, and highly value their privacy. Many modernists believe in the interconnectedness of every thing and every person, that every action and thought, every event, affects everything else in the universe. That your mind, your way of being, and your behavior affect everything in the universe, that everything is co-dependent on everything else and is interpenetrating.

Most pure post-modernist in our mitts have probably already clicked there way out of this blog since I’m obviously reaching to make sense out something which is very un-post modern. However, if you're still here, and you are a post modernist, it's probably because of the fragmented style of this blog, and your post modernist love of collage and pastiche.

Actually I’m not reaching for anything I am a postmodern, modernist, postmodernist. Figure that one out. I think I’m just experiencing a mild case of future shock. Maybe my mild case comes from realizing there soon will be more of them than us. By them I mean the Post Modern generation; for, whether you know it or not, whether you are postmod, mod, or some hybrid, whether you like it or not, you are living in the Post Modernist stage of western civilization.

So how do I define post modernism? I can only answer that from a modernist standpoint. A post modernist wouldn’t waste their time attempting it. They would suspect that I’m one of those anachronistic beings who believes in absolute truth or a transcendental reality: a being who tries to understand the world through that type of intuition or perception, and tries to harmonize his action with principals of that sort. For the post modernist absolute truth or transcendental reality are hypotheses to be wary and suspicious about. Content is almost passé, forms an actions are what count. Not that they (our post-modernists) think about these issues but it can be inferred from the way they act. Therefore, the fragmentation that resulted from Abstraction and experimentation has become a functionally autonomous part of our landscape while the reason behind abstraction the search for the vitalizing ground and transcendental principals underlying form content and their relationships to each other has been lost or demeaned.

Playing with form and content bereft of those unifying ideas, and avoiding meaning, limits the creator to camp, and kitsch, and whimsical expressions.
Thus we come up with Memphis, Rushdie, and Haring, all very enjoyable, but hardly transcendental in any way—or is my idea of transcendental too limited; Perhaps the concept of transcends signifies only a fiction. This last sentence sprung out of the modernist part of my mind or cognitive center. My Post Modern side wouldn’t bother with such antiquated anxieties. Although, it derives a certain type of joy from witnessing the fragmentations of my mind and the fragmentation of this sentence. They are much more like television to my post modern minds eye and in its view that’s a lot more like reality. Gee whiz, our whole day, every day is broken up into innumerable segments and commercial breaks. Continuity itself may even be a fiction.

You must forgive me! That is the modernist part of my mind playing with those ideas about my post modernist mind. You may have noticed my postmodernist mind hasn’t tried to define anything about my modernist part of mind. Now, I am going to give it its opportunity to comment on its modernist Siamese twin. Come in Postmodernist Self.

“This is the fragment you call Post Modern self with my comment. ‘Weird like a belly button.’”

That’s all you have to say is ‘Weird like a belly button?’

“So it isn’t weird like a belly button? Okay, how about weird like a belly button with a virtual video cam and programmable shoe shiner connected to it.”

Do you think I am being satirical? How about toothbrushes with anywhere from 2 to 3 different color bristles of different heights and shapes inserted into the handle? How about running shoes that look like an old fashion idealized Rocket ship? How about 4th Generation Mobile Phones with virtual butlers, washing machines, anthrax and bomb detectors connected to them with an appendage for bankruptcy declarations.

What about someone walking down the street having an expressive conversation at full volume (with gestures and all) on his mobile phone; or how about two of those people passing each other on the street? Alternatively, how about a woman taking a much-needed walk with her dog in the park, gabbing away the whole time over her mobile phone, while her Poodle gets devoured by a German Shepard? Or, the couple out for a romantic dinner sitting at the linen covered table, while one or both parties are carrying on continue conversations with their friends, relatives, business associates or clients all during dinner. Seeing another two lovers at tea tel-rapping at the same time with others is both funnier, and even more posh post modern.

Since this article is being written in the post-modern period of our western civilization, I won’t draw any conclusions for you or even hint at any except to ask is it true that before you can become an industrial designer nowadays, you have to serve a four year stint, either at Walt Disney Studios or Dreamworks?

And what about Post Modern Presidents of the USA they have to master the ten minute fragmented vapid sound-bite form to represent their masters in the CORPRATIC Oligarchy, and their boss the Vice President? I told you I am confused...PEACE, LOVE, BLESSINGS...OM MANI PADME HUM...AND BANNANA SPLITS...from me to yáll

The Incredible Shrinking Post-Modern-Modernist

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