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 Parable for NCN
4 Jun 2003 @ 07:47, by waalstraat

Today’s Important Question: What is the Relationship Between this Parable and NCN--Is there one

Today’s Important Question: What is the Relationship Between this Parable and NCN--Is there one?

Padmasambhava (Buddha of Compassion)

When I joined, NCN I felt like I had been invited a Humanistic/Spiritual Banquet!

I have been thinking about NCN and the type of interactions I am observing, experiencing, and participating in on this generous network. I keep trying to remember that we are the people who hope to be a vanguard of a new civilization. So by way of an explanation this has been very much on my mind...finally I needed a break from my mental broadcast, so I took coffee with one of my closet friends...she laid this parable on me which somehow I feel is related to my thoughts about NCN...but I'm not sure how??? The King decided to give the biggest banquet to his nobles that had ever been given. Rows of Tables were filled with the most sumptuous foods ever seen at one time in the entire land. But as usual a problem presented itself the spoons and forks set at every body’s place setting were two feet long...the tables were so huge it didn't matter; however, alas, they were too long for the guest to get the food in there mouths. After while many of the guests after trying all kinds of contortions with their utentsils were so frustrated they felt like huffing and puffing and blowing the castle down, but instead many just got up and left in huff rather than a puff. Others who had practiced centering, stopped there actions, sat still and centered. After a short time, one person picked up her fork, and started feeding the man across from her. He in turned picked up his fork and started feeding her. The others picked up on it and everybody started feeding each other, and everybody had a wonderful time….So? Will you try answering my question? Please?

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