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picture20 Mar 2004 @ 19:03, by ida

This post is part of the Roundtable #2 project, and
a chapter in the Shared Universe of Spindrift.
Author(s): D
Status: Last updated 30 March 2004

Theorem G1 : Within any formal system questions always exist that are neither provable nor disprovable on the basis of the axioms that define that system.

Theorem G2 : Within sufficiently rich formal systems in which decidability of all questions is required, contradictory statements will always be present.

There are problems that cannot be solved by any set of rules or procedures; instead for these problems new sets of axioms need always be extended. This disproves a commonly held belief among sorcerers that the different esoteric branches of "knowledge" can be integrated and placed under a single common united foundation.

There isn't really a permanent "everything" out there; no final exit to absolute truth. These observations, along with quantum uncertainty and the unpredictability of deterministic systems, form a core set of limitations to knowledge that have become one of Entelos's main areas of study. Yet, after all these years, and some of the occasional odd distortions one has come to expect from such a place (places?) as Entelos, I still haven't gotten used to the fact that the Stochastic Library is in a different time zone, altogether. And why, why, will someone please tell me, does it have to be always 5 o'clock, from 12 midnight to 12 noon, in the Exploratorium? See? Those are exactly the kind of things that causes scrupulously punctual perfectly ordinary people, under normal circumstances, to run late for appointments and gives some mages their ill-gotten reputation for absent-mindedness.

— Follow the Guide, a quick tour of Entelos
[Dusk Sohbeelo: Heterodoxies and Apostasies]

Fern was not good at any of the skills accepted by her home world as part of the workings of a well-ordered culture. Mathematics was her downfall. While she almost always came up with the correct answer to her homework problems and quizzes, she could not draw out the formulas from problem to solution. She just saw the answer and so she not only did not pass her exams, she was sometimes thought to be cheating, which was almost unheard of in Beupique. Even when she altered her first vision to try to write the wrong answer, the wrong answer would be the correct one.

Thank the gods her close friends Azzie and Hallo knew she would never cheat. Most of the other traditional arts and skills of her people escaped her to the degree they required physical coordination – her long limbs never seemed to be monitored by her bright green eyes and, of course, her mind was always elsewhere.

She might have capitalized on her physical appearance, the silky white hair of the Beupiquians was admired all over this Sector, but Fern could not sustain a profitable interest in her own beauty. It was the beauty of the world around her that passionately fascinated her, some would say to a fault.

Her tendency to become lost in the silky stamen of the ting flower had almost gotten her into big trouble. After tracing the path of the veins of the petals of this golden cuplike botanical, she discovered the beginnings of its magenta stamen and after she gasped in awe, her breath exhaled a small magenta colored bubble. She usually tried to keep this type of occurrence hidden, but this one time two mages walking through that same garden witnessed fully the entire bubble incident. Zan be praised, it was because of this magenta bubble she found herself at Entelos.

Music: Origin Systems inc.

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22 Mar 2004 @ 08:59 by M @ : Joy
And, and, and, what happens next! Nice picture!  

24 Mar 2004 @ 10:54 by ida : Thank you for the encouragement, Michael
Fern is part of the Spindrift mosaic experiment (an interactive process) and her development is still in the organic stage, so to speak (pun intended :-) It is a slow process. Fern (like Spindrift) is kind of taking a life of her own, she invited herself in and made herself at home, as Dianne opened the door to her, and at this point Dianne is still watching her grow and wants to allow plenty of space and time for her to "tell" us who she is. The picture was created in the same fashion, as Fern’s image become clearer and clearer in her mind: "She has white hair…she is taller…with some kind of a…vine like…elongated feel about her…yes, more like that..."

Fern is the second stone cast, so far, onto the calm surface of Spindrift. The first one was Dusk ({link:|Inn of the Wild Ass}), and Dianne has decided to let some of the ripples of that other entry interact with her own—hence the reference to Entelos, where Fern is living. And so Entelos too is growing, telling us what kind of a place it is, as someone has to know, and I suspect that neither the author of the first entry, nor Dianne, really know for sure where they are going with all this, at this point. All of it is very touch and go and they are also probably waiting to see whether other stones won't be cast into the water (and what new ripples would ensue.) Spindrift is an interesting concept but it can be time consuming (though it doesn't have to be) and, as in most creative endeavor, it intimates a certain level of commitment that can appear intimidating or burdensome—not everyone's cup of tea.  

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