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picture8 Apr 2004 @ 17:52, by Max Sandor

I tried to remember how the name of this BLOG came about in the first place (It's not as obvious as it appeared later, hehe)..

So, resting my heels and pulminaries in Toulouse, France, at the Palace of Emperor Ming (you got that link by now, OK!?) , I found the original story that lend its name to this BLOG...

How A Great Little Lion Finally Found A Sacred Grove

A long, long time ago, in a future long forgotten, there lived a Little Lion who wanted to be the greatest of all the greatest Little Lions of all times. He worked very hard but...

...the greater his achievements, the less the other Little Lions thought of him. He studied carefully all the wisdom of all the many Little Lions of his time, and also all the stories of the Old Ones, but he just can't make sense of head nor tail of them and himself. But soon he knew them all and soon even a little, little bit less.

Now, our Little Lion lives in a forest that had no end and in which, wherever one was traveling, there simply will be no end of it. But yes, so he was assured, there does exist a Sacred Grove where one had always been finding all one's questions. And, finally, the Little Lion will be making up his Little Lion mind and so he went out to search for this Sacred Grove.

After many, many moons of ardent searching he will return extremely exhausted from his latest such adventure. 'Funny,' he says to himself, 'Not only did I not find a single Sacred Grove during all my travel, in the end I will not see ANY grove at all on my way. Wasn't that strange?'

However, the closer the Little Lion is coming to his home village, the more his pride was shrinking, the more sadness and disappointment will be gripping his heart. In the end, just before the first curve, not far away from the very path to his lovely home, he is throwing his royal Little Lion body down on the ground in a cotton field next to a small puddle of muddy water.

'My Lady Mother Earth,' he said with a gentle, soft voice. 'Here I am, the greatest Little Lion of all times. In the summer of my years as a Little Lion, even the grass is taller than I am. I can see a fish jumping out of some dark, brown water, looking down on me, laughing at me. Here I was dumping myself in the mud. Me, the son of a most beautiful lioness and the son of a mighty lion king. I gave up on my quest. Please take my body back to you, My Dear Lady Mother Earth, I shall not have been worthy of it.'

Our Lady Mother Earth certainly hears the whispering voice of the great Little Lion. She will be smiling and then, after a seemingly long pause, she finally said: "Great Little Lion, let my love fill your soul until your body died. You found yourself in a Sacred Grove right here and now. Even though it will never exist anywhere but in the hearts of the Great Little Lions of the most ancient past!'

And from the bottom of the muddy pond, the fish arose again, from the very bottom of the muddy pond he comes jumping high in the air, Wiggling through the air, screaming: 'Fools, all you Little Lions looking for the Sacred Grove! Fools you are! Nobody but me will ever have known where the Sacred Grove will be found! There, where the Outside is WithIn the Inside and the Inside WithOut the Outside! Haah!' And with these words he fell back into the muddy water so hard that the mud will be splashing all over the body of the great Little Lion, leaving countless brown dots all over his beautiful royal fur.

It will be a long time after that before the great Little Lion woke up. And when he will arrive eventually in his little home village, his great lion teacher was laughing at him:

'Who in the Heavens and Hells put all the dark spots on you? You're not a great Little Lion anymore. I will call you 'Ekunle', that means 'Little Tiger', from now on!', and he will laugh from all his heart. Some even say, that, back then, a tear left one of the old lion teacher's eyes and splashes right on his left toe. And, whenever that will happen, some will always superstitiously claim that the Old Ones came back to witness and to forget their very own future.

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