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 Omitted, tzz: definition of Anoia & Protennoia Vs. Pronoia2 comments
picture18 Sep 2007 @ 17:57, by Max Sandor

An omission in my list of Noias was pointed out to me today:

Anoia: the absence of Noia, the knowledge (of Pleroma), or the INABILITY to achieve the same, attributed to a certain interdimensional race of Beings in the Gnostic scriptures (in Hermetic Ifá 'those who eat', namely the energy of Epinoia of others, sic!, pls refrain from calling names in the commentaries, will you!).

Wikipedia talks about the derivation from French 'ennui' for the English equivalent 'annoyance', completely ignoring the Latin/Italian prototype of 'annoia'. Oh well, I still love and admire Wirkipedia, of course :-)

But in checking the net, I found the interesting site ANNOY.COM which talks about the super-double-speak US law that makes it a felony to intentional say some something indecent to annoy someone else. Cool BLOG.

Another question I heard was about the difference between Protennoia and Pronoia. The answer is very much beyond this BLOG, let's say that in Hermetic Ifá we'll see the Protennoia as the original, prototypical Pronoia of the Universe, unfolding in a triad (trimorphic); from an idealistc point of view, one could boldy state that the Pronoia of man would be the intentional product of the orginal trimorphic protoennoia, a speculation everyone should decide for him/herself.

Some may complain here that 'Hermetic' equals 'secret' and one shouldn't talk about things like that in public. My view is that those who 'know', know it anyway and those who don't won' bother... secrecy is needed sometimes, of course, but other in those instances, it is being abused to create cult-like organizations with the intent to exploit and/or suppress fellow humans.

'nuff zed!

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18 Sep 2007 @ 18:56 by vaxen : Derivatives...
Hermes is the origin of Hermetic. Everybody knows that. And Hermes had other names as well such as En Ki(a). Hermes the protoennoiacal pronoiac? Is that Trifecta enough to warrant names calling? Tris (Tres?)-Magistus (A Luddite at heart) and author of the famous Emerald Giblets (tablets).

Kult like organizations, such as the Governments of this protoennoiacally divine `Ver Ald.' Well, just having fun with words. Word clearing? Like cutting underbrush in Trance Vaal. Thanks Mx. Good links...Wi(r)kipedia? Nice one...

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