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 The Return of the White Rabbit3 comments
picture22 Sep 2007 @ 16:23, by Max Sandor

The White Rabbit, last seen at the entrance to Merlin's castle (witness here [link] ) returned this morning digging around in that part of the Sacred Grove where we hide the most sacred of the sacred plants.

"Where have you been all the time? And what are you looking for?" I asked him curiously.

"One question at a time please," he answered, chewing on something.

"OK, where have you been all the time?" I insisted.

"Oh well, it's like, you know, kind of, like, eh, yeah, that's it, kind of..."

"Since when do you talk like a Modern day American?"

"It's like, kind of adopting to, you know, environment and all this stuff, kind of, you know..."

"This here is the Sacred Grove, and this one is neither in Glastonbury nor in California!"

"I know, you know, kind of, it's like..."

"OK, OK !!! So, where have you been all the time since I've last seen you?"

"Always here where I was, am, and will be. It's YOU who moved around, kind of, or it's like at least that's what you think, you know!?"

"Hmm," I said, "so what are digging there in sacred, secret part of my garden?"

"First of all, my friend, this is MY garden. And second, EVERY part of ANY garden is sacred to me. And since knowbody seems to know this little fact, it's automatically also a SECRET! Hahahahahha!!" The rabbit laughed so hard, it's little white body was shaking.

I decided to ignore his provocations and continued "WHAT the heck are you looking for!"

"Aaah," answered the rabbit, "hmmm, I'm looking for what you found the other day but you decided to forget about it."

"And what would that be?" I asked very curiously.

"I want to dig out the root of that strange plant, you know, kind of, it's like, or how you would say, kind of an "implant", hahahaha, as if there would plants that were not implanted, hahaha" the white rabbit in uncontrolled laughter again.

My curiosity grew more and more. "Plant or Implant, but of WHAT goal or purpose?"

"If it's a goal or a purpose, that is another question?" mumbled the rabbit, "without finding its root, it's difficult to know."

"Hmm, oh well, and why do you think it's here in this Sacred Grove?" I asked.

"Oh, it's EVERYWHERE, of course, that's the problem. But I like your garden. It's easier to dig out the roots, hahaha. You know, there is no time around here. If you have no time, it's very easy to do things that take forever."

"So... what is this plant all about?" I insisted.

"You know, it's like, kind of before those old times when wishing still helped one, you know..."

"That's what the Brethren Grimm were talking about?"

(Note from the editor: see [link] )



"Before the times of wishes. When everybody had everything they wanted and nobdoy ever had a wish, kind of..."

"Then what happened?"

"This plant was planted, and now I will dig out the root.."

"And what will you do once you found it?"

"I'll eat it up, of course, silly one, how could you ask such a stupid question?"

I decided to ignore his insult and tried to tease him "And how long will you chew upon it, white rabbit?"

"Until it's force is gone, what do you think? But let ME ask YOU a question here: why did you forget it once YOU found it?"

For a moment I was speechless. "Must have been that I forgot that I forgot. And so it happened that I forgot also that I forgot that I forgot!"

"Exactly!" the white rabbit exclaimed triumphantly.

"Exactly what?"

"The veil of the plant, of course!"

"Now what plant would that be, rabbit?"

"Before the desire to have desire, everybody was happy because nobody desired to be happy. But once this plant was planted, everybody desires to be happy, and that's how everybody became unhappy. NOT ME!, of course.."

"You hare still happy to have a wish and you do everything to avoid that it would fulfill itself?" I asked.


"So why are you trying to dig out the root of the implant to seek happiness?"

"That's my nature, silly one, digging out roots and chewing on them. Now let me continue looking for it. You're stealing my time!"

"OK, OK," I said, went back to our castle and got the camera to at least make another picture of the white rabbit.

Only when I looked at the snapshoot just now, he was nowhere to be seen...

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30 Oct 2007 @ 18:14 by mortimer @ : yo yo your momma white rabbit
my momma always said "everything is sacred or its not"  

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