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 Denying the Holocaust By Elliot Chodoff22 comments
5 May 2005 @ 20:15, by Bruce Kodish

Tomorrow is Yom HaShoa- Holocaust Remembrance Day. After 60 years nonsense about Nazi crimes is still widely broadcast while antisemitism (in the guise of anti-Israelism) remains rampant and many people remain just plain ignorant about what happened to the Jewish people then and what continues to happen now. Elliot Chodoff of Middle East Outpost has written the following piece which anyone who doesn't wish to be afflicted with this nonsense should read and ponder.
--Bruce Kodish

Denying The Holocaust by Elliot Chodoff

"Today, on Holocaust Remembrance Day, sixty years after the liberation of Europe from Nazi tyranny and genocide, we reflect on the murder of six million Jews at the hands of Hitler’s Germany and its all-too-many allies.

Not everyone, however, chooses to remember these horrible events. There are those who deny the horrors of the Holocaust, preferring to continue the work of the Nazis in a different form, under the guise of objective scholarship or political criticism.

There exist two types of denial of the Holocaust: the outright, blatant contention that the Holocaust is nothing more than a Zionist hoax, and the accusation that Israel is continuing the policy of the Nazis in its conflict with the Palestinians.

The first, blatant as it is and obnoxious as it may be, is failing miserably, except in the Arab world and among the world’s neo Nazis.

The second, subtle and insidious, is based on the safe assumption that most people are ignorant of at least one of two subjects, the Holocaust and the Middle East Conflict. It effectively denies the horrors of the Holocaust while painting Israel with the brush of Auschwitz.

Comparisons of this type, particularly in today’s world of post modernist relativism, are easily drawn with little factual or moral basis to support them. Truth, even objective truth, need not have relevance to be true. (What do all the soldiers who fought in the Napoleonic Wars have in common, without exception? They are all dead.) To compare Israel to the Nazis, on the basis of the claim that it occupies the West Bank and Gaza or that it “oppresses” the Palestinians, is to deny the facts of both the Holocaust and of the history of the Arab Israeli conflict.

Two examples below illustrate the point, the first quoted in Holocaust denier David Irving’s web site, and the second indicative of the wave of anti-Semitism sweeping Europe over the past few years:

Ghazi Algosaibi, who caused outrage this year when he wrote a poem dedicated to a Palestinian teenage girl suicide bomber, said: "This is a war of occupation, far more severe than anything the Germans did when they occupied Europe in World War Two." (London Times, July 10, 2002)

The city of Oleiros in southern Spain is conducting a campaign against Israel and against Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. The campaign includes a city-sponsored electronic billboard calling Sharon a "beast" and Israelis "the new Nazis," as well as the sale of t-shirts with messages "against the genocidal policy of Ariel Sharon support of the Palestinian people." (Palestine Monitor, November 2004)

It is instructive that the deniers utilize the convoluted and contradictory logic that while the Holocaust is a hoax, the Israelis are perpetrators of genocidal policies akin to those of the Nazis. This blurring of logic is reminiscent of Hitler’s contention that the Jews were simultaneously the bankers and the Bolsheviks, and as such would be annihilated.

What made the Holocaust and the Nazis what they were? The planned, deliberate state policy of the extermination of an entire people, and the execution of that plan by the use of extermination centers and mobile murder units whose primary purpose was to round up and murder Jews. Not the ghettos, not the slave labor camps, not the deportations. All of these were horrors that the Jewish People had experienced and survived in the course of the 1500 years of its European Diaspora.

While criticism of Israeli policies is certainly acceptable, there can be no reasonable comparison between them and those of the Nazis. Auschwitz stands as an unparalleled atrocity in human history and it would require Nazi logic to attempt to devalue it in fatuous comparisons with the Jewish State defending its existence."

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5 May 2005 @ 20:53 by judih : Yom HaShoah
Israeli TV begins airing black and white newsreels, stills and interviews with survivors the week before Holocaust Day or Yom HaShoah. In school, pupils learn history from the humiliation of WWII stirring up the rile of Germany to the spread of anti-semitism and propaganda.

We hear stories of 2nd generation Holocaust victims and sing songs, re-tell poems written by those who underwent the nightmare.

But I just watched the wonderful Italian movie "Life is Beautiful" {} with my son and together we saw the story of one man's survival of a workcamp together with his young son. We saw the hard facts of imprisonment twisted, re-framed into the context of a game so that the child could emerge with his spirit intact.

This is a Holocaust message - remembering how hard life can be and cultivating the energy to succeed. There is no denial. Nightmares can come true, but then humans can overcome and continue.

Sewing up the wounds, nurturing the ragged spirit, taking time to replenish the empty coffers of belief, Holocaust survivors and their children live on.  

5 May 2005 @ 20:54 by ankh : Friends and family
are visiting Auschwitz (how nice to say that term 'visiting') to participate in Yom Hashoah. Sharon gave a good speech and it is increasingly more important to keep the memory alive as more of the older generation who lived through these horrors are transitioning.

The world was quiet. Planes flew over the trains and tracks made by the Nazis carrying Jews to their deaths and they DID NOTHING. They sent out planes to save horses, but not Jews. How did any of those people live with themselves after that? I tell you - many of them still suffer from lots of guilt for sending millions to their deaths when they could have prevented it. The world does not want Jews nor a Jewish state - but they exist and will in spite of the world's hatred. The U.N. should make in manditory to call attention to this day, but they don't.

There is a beautiful story from the war, though, about a young girl who had escaped from the Nazis and she collapsed at a train station and could go no further. She looked up suddenly and there was a priest who offered to help her. She went with him...long story short - this man became the last Pope John Paul, and they reunited in Israel. When she came over to him and told him that she was the girl he saved at that station, and she was later able to get to Israel, he broke down and cried for joy.

A few last words about today's events:
Nobel Laureate and former inmate Elie Wiesel said that the camp was special in its evil and its malevolence. Yet, he said, "The truth is that in this place, we have all the reason in the world to give up on humanity, but we will not give up on humanity."

"We have all the reason in the world to choose anger, and we shall not yield to anger. Hope is all we have, and hope is all we can give one another," he added.  

6 May 2005 @ 03:30 by judih : Emily Dickinson' "Hope is the Thing with
Hope is the Thing with Feathers

Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul,
And sings the tune without the words,
And never stops at all,

And sweetest in the gale is heard;
And sore must be the storm
That could abash the little bird
That kept so many warm.

I've heard it in the chilliest land
And on the strangest sea;
Yet, never, in extremity,
It asked a crumb of me.

Elie Wiesel says what Emily Dickinson says. When all is lost, not all is lost - there's always hope, a lingering optimism that keeps us going.  

7 May 2005 @ 06:03 by ankh : I didn't see it, but
I heard from my son that some kids at his school saw an MTV special the other night on the Holocaust. Kids in the street were asked if they knew what it was, and they had no clue. One thought it was Chanukah - the Jewish Christmas! The kids were shocked who saw that. What is going on with the education in America? Did anyone here see that program or know the name of it? I couldn't find it at MTV's site tonight.  

30 Oct 2007 @ 22:33 by Brett Chatz @ : Elliot Chodoff
First and foremost let me say that I am in full agreement with Mr. Chodoff. Here is a highly educated man with a wealth of knowledge at his fingertips. I have had the honor of sitting in on his lectures and they can be described in one word: spellbinding.  

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