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4 Nov 2004 @ 14:47, by swanny

TOUCHED BY GLORY(A true story)

The year was 1983, in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I was living in a small house on the outskirts of the city. Strangely enough it was the house our family had lived in, in my first 2 or 3 years of life. It had been relocated from its original place and brought to this place besides the Black Mud Creek.
After a rather uneventful life, I had just gone through a divorce and was working for the government of Altberta. My divorce had so distrubed me that I had sought out professional help, also from the government. I was sort of diagnosed as having had some sort of trauma during the first two years of my life. Eventually it was revealed and remembered by my mother that I had had a convulsion at the age of 2 and had stopped breathing. My father was called and assessed the situation with the aide of a medical book and revived me a short time later by turning me upside down and spanking me. The hospital was called and I was placed under observation. Unfortunately my parent were recent immigrants to Canada and as a result I at that time only spoke German. Memories reveal that at that time I had cried for water and to go home repeatedly but no one could understand or aid me. I cried incessantly until sometime later an old cleaning lady came to my aide explaining to the charge nurse that I needed some water. I suspect the damage was done and had taken its toll. A toll that would effect me throughout my life.
At any rate, after the divorce and my breakdown, I was residing by myself in this small home. One night a friend came over and we listened to music and perhaps got high. Prior to this evening I had been experiencing flashes of red light. They would appear at odd times but usually accompanied with intense emotions and music. I felt somewhat possessed and obsessed with and by them. I had no idea what they meant. I was also experiencing time loss and electrical sensations from
household appliances. It was to say in the least, a highly disturbing time. I would sometimes have visions of myself floating in space above the Earth and looking down upon it.
I because of all this tried to get some time off work but I had exhausted all my leave time and they said, my government employer, that I would need a doctors note to gain further leave. I was under a professionals care at the time at my own expense and asked if he could provide me with that. He seemed to indicate that my situation was adverse but would not provide me with the necessary documentation so in a kind of desperation I felt I had no options left and found it necessary to quit my job and hope for the best. Little did I know what the future held in store.
I think this period was sometime after the death of John Lennon the Beatle yet one night perhaps it was the radio, I had a connection there some how. Anyway much was occurring it seemed on many and every level. Our city hockey team The Edmonton Oilers were battling for the Grey Cup. Hockey fever was in full swing and so it seemed was the cold war. It was a rather stressing and distressing time all around. I guess it was the logical progression of a breakdown and perhaps the final receiving of an uncontested divorce papers, I don't clearly remember but it signaled the end or something. I was finding it too then most difficult to separate thoughts,fantasies and realities from one an other.
My friend had come over that night for what reason I'm not sure. I think he may have been concerned for my welfare. At any rate we were perhaps high or something and then it happened. I was seated in my chair looking south across the living room. I glanced at my friend to the east of me and he seated as well seemed zonked out and preoccupied with staring at the floor. And then it happened the room sort of seemed to dissolve and I appeared to be there but it was like I was in a kind of hazy red fluid.
Everything was melted and I was simply an other melted part of it. It was heaven, timeless spaceless heaven...... the sea of Love..... I was thinking to myself I want to stay here forever or I've been here before. I had been having some thoughts about the womb around that time period ..... Feeling perhaps the Love abundant there....
My songs of the time reflecting this....." Wheres my Love"... a line from one and....
"Cinderelli where are you"..... " and it could be poetry in time if the lovers kept singing"......... and "Sunlo begone"..... a fantasy of a dragon that I was trying to slay or chase away from the children of the world who seemed in danger. Well we were all in danger it was the cold war afterall.
Here I floated in this sea of Love or heaven and then something or someone appeared there and ahead to the southeast of my chair..... I was a presence a personage of some sort that I recalled it seemed from somewhere before because I said "YOU" silently to myself..... and "knew" this but didn't know or understand it. This glowing red light hovered for a while there about 4 feet away and then came over to me and passed its hand or something through me where my heart was and where incidentally I had spilled a pot of boiling water on me at the age of
Somehow there appeared to be some kind of exchange of information or something and just as suddenly it seemed it and the sea disappeared and I was left
sitting there with the worst splitting headache. I looked east to my friend and he was still zonked staring at the floor. I abruptly said I had to go to bed and left because it was all to much somehow.
As much as I have thought about it over the years I have been unable to make sense of it . What or who was this red light that hovered at heart level above the ground. How or what had it done to me by touching me. The touch was like a certainty of something..... death perhaps. I felt that that touch should have killed me but I lived if you can call it that somehow. I struggled endlessly to identify and sort out that night until I just had to let go of it because it haunted and possessed me so over the years. I dared not tell anyone perhaps only one or two because it was too real or at least so real that I felt I could not deny it. Yet I had to come to deny it myself because it was or seemed so creditless somehow. Certainly it would have been considered crazy talk or such. So over the years the memory has diminished and the quest left unanswered. Yet just recently I read a passage about "GLORY" and a kind of certainty came over me. A ringing true of what it was.
I then on that night of spring of 1983 had witnessed and been touched by Glory.

Nov 4 2004

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4 Nov 2004 @ 16:57 by swanny : Reference
Glory 2

Heres the passage on Glory I was referring to:

GLORY - beauty, power, or honor; a quality of God's character that emphasizes His exceeding greatness and authority. The word is used in three senses in the Bible:

1. God's excellence, moral beauty and perfection of character. This divine quallity is beyond man's understanding (Ps. 113:4). All people "fall short" of it (Rom. 3.23).

2. God's moral excellence, beauty and perfection as a visible presence. While God's glory is not a substance, at times God does reveal Himself to man in a visible way. Such a display of the presence of God is often seen as fire or dazzling light, and sometimes as an act of power. Some examples from the Old Testament are the pillar of cloud and fire (Ex. 13:21), the Lord's deliverance of the Israelites at the Red Sea (Exodus 14), and especially His glory in the tabernacle (Lev. 9:23-24) and temple (1 Kin. 8:11).
The glory of God has been ultimately and most gloriously shown in the Person of Jesus (Luke 9:29-32; John 1:14-18; 2:11) and in the members of His church (Eph. 1:22-23; 2:19-22; 3:20-21)
Christ now shares His divine glory with His followers (John 17:5-6, 22), so that in their lives Christians are being transformed into the glorious image of God (2 Cor. 3:18). Believers will be fully glorified at the end of time in God's heavenly presence (Rom. 5:2; Col. 3:4). There the glory of God will be seen everywhere (Rev. 21:23).

3. Praise. At times God's "glory" may mean the honor and audible praise which His creatures give to Him (Ps. 115:1; Rev. 5:12-13).


1. Page 617 at "GLORY" Encyclopedic Dictionary
Hayford's Bible Handbook (The Complete Companion for Spirit-Filled Bible Study)
By Jack W. Hayford (Gen. Ed.) Nelson 1995  

5 Nov 2004 @ 09:18 by swanny : Glory Dust or Gold Fever
While this is a novel paper I find it somewhat
New agey and perhaps a psychoenvironmental
phenomenon and not akin to the glory I experieced.
Hmmmm perhaps a physical manifestation of
Gold Fever


an exploratory paper
Paper presented at the 10th EPCRA Conference, Leuven, Belgium
by Robert B. Smith, St. Stephen’s University
8 Main Street
St. Stephen, NB, Canada E3L 3E2
“If we take the imagery of Scripture seriously, if we believe that God will one day give us the Morning Star and cause us to put on the splendour of the sun, then we may surmise that both the ancient myths and the modern poetry, so false as history, may be very near the truth as prophecy. . . Meanwhile the cross comes before the crown and tomorrow is a Monday morning” (The Weight of Glory, 37f.). In these words, C.S. Lewis is pointing Christians beyond this life, to the vision of God and to the glory that shall be ours in our Blessed Lord..
But is this life merely Monday morning? 2 Corinthians 3:18 says “All of us, with unveiled faces, seeing the glory of the Lord as though reflected in a mirror, are being transformed into the same image from one degree of glory to another; for this comes from the Lord, the Spirit” (NRSV). It appears that Paul is describing a process which is going on now, and which is visible now, not just something that will take place at a certain point in the future. Lewis goes on to claim, “there are no ordinary people,” but only “immortal horrors or everlasting splendours.” Yet there remains the question to what extent this is true now and to what extent our Lord reveals his glory now in his people. When we look in a mirror, what do we see? Our own face, of course, and it is in that face that Paul expects us to see God’s glory. When we give Paul’s words their full import, there are two possible interpretations: (1) that we should expect to see in our own likeness on Monday morning and every other day the glory of God, perhaps faint, but increasing as the days and the years pass; and/or (2) that, increasingly, others will see Jesus in us. Since Paul is making a comparison with the shining face of Moses after he had been with God on Horeb, and the implication in Exodus is that Moses himself was unaware that he had changed, it may be that Paul has only the second of these possibilities in mind. On the other hand, the verse itself would seem to imply the first. Therefore it is likely that Paul intended both meanings.
“God is light, and in him there is no darkness at all” (1 John 1:5). In his book, In The Image and Likeness of God, Vladimir Lossky concludes from this epistle verse that “Light, whether interpreted in an allegorical or in a real sense, will then always accompany communion with God” (32), and he goes on to describe how this theme is found in the fathers, beginning with Origen’s “mysticism of light.” Yet in Origen it takes a form that Lossky describes as a “Platonic intellectualism,” because in the theory of Origen and his followers “by its very nature the nous is a receiver of divine light,” and when it reaches its pure state “the nous in seeing itself sees God, who fills it with his light” (36). The full development of a theology of light is found in the fourteenth-century Gregory of Palamas, who does not restrict the light of God to our minds, as Origen does, but equates light with grace, and sees it active in the transformation of our entire nature: “Being the light of the divinity, grace cannot remain hidden or unnoticed; acting in man, changing his nature, entering into a more and more intimate union with him, the divine energies become increasingly perceptible, revealing to man the face of the living God” (Lossky, 59). Twentieth century Russian theologian, Paul Evdokimov, in his book The Art of the Icon, adds that “whoever participates in the divine energies . . . in a sense becomes light himself. He is united to the light” (233). Leonid Ouspensky, Theology of the Icon, writes that “through its doctrine of the Taboric light, the Church recognized that the divine action transfiguring man originates in the uncreated, imperishable light, the action of the Divinity felt and contemplated in the body” (II, 250).
My subject in this exploratory paper is the glory of God as some Pentecostal and Charismatic Christians have recently claimed to find it through phenomena such as gold tooth fillings and gold dust appearing on the heads, faces, hands, and sometimes other parts of the body when people worship God. I shall approach the topic in three ways:
(1) By a description of some aspects of the phenomena involved, from a variety of sources;
(2) By a comparison with certain elements of Orthodox mysticism, related to what is sometimes called “spirituality of light,” and seen as a variation in contemporary western experience on traditional eastern spirituality of light, explained by some of the same theological reasoning;
(3) A brief consideration of some of the dangers associated with phenomena such as gold dust, especially in their public manifestations, and suggestions as to their legitimate place and purpose in Christian life.
Concerning a comparison between Charismatic experience and eastern theology, I might note that, traditionally, Orthodox theology has never distinguished sharply between theology and mysticism, and has frequently reflected theologically on mystical experience (see Lossky, The Mystical Theology of the Eastern Church, p. 222). A recent article in Pneuma about Catholic-Pentecostal dialogue suggests that “together with Eastern Orthodox Theologians, Pentecostals might be able to correct pneumatological ‘forgetfulness’” that is found in most parts of the western church” (Veli-Matti Kärkäinnen, “Trinity as Communion in the Spirit: Koinonia, Trinity, and Filioque in the Roman Catholic-Pentecostal Dialogue,” Pneuma, XXII.2, Fall 2000, 209). My suggestion is that gold dust and light highlight one area in which there may be a natural affiliation between Pentecostal/Charismatic experience and Orthodox theological reflection on experience arising from mystical tradition.
Predictably, the phenomenon of gold dust, like the phenomenon of gold tooth fillings and that of healing oil dripping from people’s hands, which came to prominence about the same time, has been greeted on the one hand with great openness and enthusiasm and on the other with a flood of warnings as hoaxes, occult manifestations, spiritual alchemy, and lying signs and wonders. Christianity Today quotes Regent College professor John Stackhouse’s complaint that with gold fillings the church has reached “a new low” that combines “the anti-intellectualism and sectarianism that has plagued the Pentecostal and charismatic movements from their beginnings” (May 24, 1999, Vol. 43, No. 6, 17). One internet report refers sarcastically to “holy-dust dandruff,” while another announces, “Tall Tales of Dr. Divine, the Holy Ghost Dentist.”
As far as I have been able to determine, the first appearance of gold dust in North American religious circles was during a visit by a Brazilian woman, Silvania Machado, to Calvary Pentecostal Campground in Ashland, Virginia, in August 1998. This woman gave an amazing testimony of coming to the Lord and finding salvation and complete healing, when by normal medical standards she should have been well beyond the point of death. A report posted on the Calvary Pentecostal website describes what else happened when the Lord healed her:

A holy woman from Brazil, named Silvania, was at Calvary Pentecostal Campground from August 18-21, 1998 and again in February of 1999. In the process of her physical healing of four types of cancer, oil began to flow supernaturally from her body and later, gold dust began to be manifested on her face and the crown of her head. As she praises and worships, this phenomena is seen. Her Brazilian pastor gathers the holy gold flakes and anoints the forehead of the sick and needy. Many miracles fall. (, cited 5/7/01).

My wife and I were present in 1998 when Silvania spoke in Ashland, and we saw the gold coloured dust that came from her hair. We saw it as well on the face of Ruth Heflin, director of Calvary Pentecostal Ministries, and on Jane Lowder, who later succeeded Miss Helfin as director, and on others—including my wife---as they worshipped.
Similar phenomena have appeared in Canada, notably at the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship and at several churches in the Vancouver area. A Canadian newspaper, Christian Week, March 30, 1999, reported that as of that date more than three hundred people “claim to have received gold or silver fillings or gold caps on their teeth” at the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship. The report continues by attributing the origin of such “bizarre events” to gold fillings in Argentina in the early 1990's. It refers to Pastor John Arnott seeing miraculous gold fillings in Mexico and in South Africa, and praying that the same thing would happen in Toronto. Gold dust has also been reported at the Toronto Airport Christian Fellowship, yet Charisma News reported September 8, 1999, that after initial openness, Pastor Arnott decided to cancel three remaining evening services with Sylvania Machado, since an analysis of the “gold dust” that came from her head on the first of four scheduled appearances had reportedly showed it to be a type of plastic film. The same article notes that Ruth Heflin continued to support Sylvania, and quoted Heflin as saying that God’s presence, not the gold dust, had convinced her, and that a more accurate designation of the phenomenon might be “glory dust”, because its composition is not important ( =search. html, cited 5/7/01).  

13 Feb 2007 @ 21:23 by Cyntia Rodrigues @ : Gold Dust
I didn't read all of your report, but I thought you would like to read this...
Go to and read this case...
God bless you!

13 Feb 2007 @ 22:24 by swanny : Thanks
Thanks for the spam
I haven't had lunch yet

Link =  

10 Mar 2007 @ 14:09 by Whereyaheadin @ : To God Be ALL The Glory!
Totally Awesome!  

10 Mar 2007 @ 18:16 by swanny : glory
Glory is as glory does.
peace and harmony to you.

sir ed  

10 Mar 2007 @ 18:24 by swanny : The Dream Is Alive
Hmm may this is why I recently wrote this song.
It seems to allude or be connected in someway to that event
and time....
Did I see the future perhaps?
song link =

The dream is alive? why how can that be?

sir ed  

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