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14 Aug 2005 @ 15:40, by swanny

Well well well

This latest debockal involving Apple Computer
and Microsoft bespeaks loudly the unfairness of life perhaps though not that it should be dwelt on but my gosh wheres the common sense.
I often heard the real nature of "business" is stealing and selling other peoples ideas but gosh give us a break.
Apparently Apple invented the inards of the Ipod and started selling it without patenting.
After they start selling Microsoft applies for a patent on the idea that Apple comes up with so now Apple tries to patent "their" idea and it gets rejected cause the MS patent is sooner so now it looks as though Apple may have to pay a royalty on their own invention.
Well they said life wasn't fair I guess.
And they say too that honor is dead and so I guess both are true.

Well done Microsoft youre a credit to your greed and an example of "business" at its finest. In keeping with the World Coms and Exxon and Enron and what have you...

I see earthmonkeys on my computer screen
Bananas too
Isn't it amazing what these computers can do
and I think to myself what wacky unfair world.

Beef beef beer

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14 Aug 2005 @ 16:11 by swanny : justice
Sorry for my rant
but my beef is not with MS or whatever
but the "LAW"....
That the law would sanction such gross and obvious unfairness
is puzzling to me...
I thought the Law was dedicated to "justice"....
and this does not strike me as justice....
but what is "justice".... hmmmm
what is justice?  

14 Aug 2005 @ 16:17 by jstarrs : you're right...
...mostly the law is an ass, a debacle.

14 Aug 2005 @ 16:22 by swanny : ....
Is not Justice = "fairness"
thought we have oft heard that
"life is not fair"...
therefore does that imply that
life also is not Just....

Ahh PET P. Trudeau saw the true nature and calling
of Law in his premise of a "just society"
a fair society....
The duty of the law to render some modicum of justice
and fairness to an other wise unfair life..and world......

this then not money is the true cause and call of the law
to render and make just and fair
an otherwise unfair life....  

14 Aug 2005 @ 16:37 by swanny : forgiveness
"Justice is Blind"
I've oft wondered on this sentiment
I think it was coined to imply that
"justice is objective"....
yet we as humans are a synthesis of objectivity
and subjectivity....
that is our nature and probably always will
be yet we rule ourselves objectively....
Is that fair...
Should not justice well whom am I to speak for justice
but it would seem that the law is from humans to a degree
so should not the law have some "humaneness" to it....
The gospel of Christ addressed this in the doctrine of
"forgiveness" yet we all know how hard
"true forgiveness" is....
It is an ideal perhaps achieved by Christ but Christ was
not totally human ie: the divine aspect of Christ yet hmmmm
the Divine endorsed forgiveness as did the human....
a concurrence of thought and sentiment in that the divine and human
both advocated and endorsed "forgiveness"

Ahhhh forgiveness.... it is an impossible enigma is it not.....  

14 Aug 2005 @ 16:56 by swanny : Patent
I wonder who invented the "patent"
It seems a bit faulty to me....
Did he even patent the patent....??
Probably not....
well there ya go....
the patent for the patent is up for grabs
any takers?  

14 Aug 2005 @ 17:55 by bushman : Hmm, lol.
Justice = Just Us  

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