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 This is outrageous!
picture 17 Jul 2005 @ 20:54, by astrid

Soooo why would a carmanyfacturer BUILD > lease or "better" yet then choose to destroy their NEW BUILT cars, cars that people LOVE to buy and drive????
Could it be PRESSURE put on these companies by some "Interest groups" ????? .....and WHO could they be?????
What you guys think?


.....and what is this [link]
all about???????

WHAT do we want? We get what we focus on either "long enough"; if it's something we DO WANT or 'TOO LONG' if it's something we DON'T WANT; ie something destructive, something we can't handle, something we fear etc etc.... it WILL end up in our court so to speak, IF we kept it in our mind,'replaying'it over n'over... usually thinking it will "go away"...that way!


I just had this proven to me -beyond a shadow of a doubt! (I am now cured - no, in fact HEALED- from this malady for good! THANK GOD!)

Back to the subject here; Who/What do we want to be the VICTOR of our Social Reality??? What direction do we want Life to go; to be(come) BETTER for ALL -or DESTRUCTION for (almost) all?
Either way WE get it!
What you don't want: look at it for a moment, and then make a conscious choise saying : "THIS I do NOT WANT! THIS( image ) I SEND TO UNIVERSE TO BE DIS-SOLVED/TRANSMUTED" and then choose what you DO want and do the procedure again, only this time you tell Universe: "THIS I DO WANT!"

If it happens to be -like in the link here- Electric cars -or other efficient, "no"-Pollution vehicles, or just perfect health/healing for yourself/family etc -or a fulfilling sustainable reality, community -or what ever: the principle for creating all these realities is the same!
We got a lot of work to do, eh? ! : )

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