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picture17 Aug 2005 @ 16:53, by swanny

Where Have the Roots Gone?

There was a big old tree in the yard of my childhood home.
I watched the many years as it grew in age and splendor.
It gave an "earthy" quality to the home and yard, the home and yard of my youth.
There where other things there too, that seemed to center my universe,
the cracks in the walls, the dirt and dust, the smells of spruce and flowers
and fresh bread.

Gone, they're all gone now, replaced by things seemingly less comforting
but more .....? "new". Have they simply been replaced for the sake of
"newness" and what is the advantage of newness. It is not like a
comforting shoulder to cry on or a dear and old tree or friend to hug.

Where are the roots that have been so systematically erased and
cut from the tree of my being, for without them I seem to float aimlessly
in a groundless Universe, floating, floating, floating and never arriving.

Arriving .... arriving, when will we arrive, when will the world stop spinning
and once again reveal to us our "home."

By A. G. Jonas

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1 comment

18 Aug 2005 @ 09:16 by silviamar : roots and branches
Roots are always there in the ground, or in the past, or in the bottom, but many times we forget our connection with them and they seem to vanish. Fortunately they are still there waiting for us to be rediscovered and 're-embraced'.

Your post remembered me a book that I bought last week, entitled "Tai Chi Chuan: roots and branches". In the first page it has written this:
'Things have their root and their branches.
Affairs have their end and their beginning.
To know what is first and what is last
will lead near to what is taught.'

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