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20 Sep 2005 @ 13:53, by swanny

Well much as I dislike or question Bush perhaps
maybe he is not entirely at fault
or maybe it is part him and part system

consider the complexity of his position
it would require "superhuman" attributes" to
allow him to function at all even with the
"concessions" and "privileges" his position
affords him.

Maybe the system as well just don't work
anymore in light of the comlexities of the world
so maybe he needs more help than the system allows.

One president did once remark how little power the
president actually has. So I suppose the system
has to be modified perhaps and maybe there should
be "co-presidents" two heads being said to be better
than one.

Anyway would you want his job.....??

Yea maybe since and when these races get so close
it should consitute a "dual win" win win and he should
get on the horn and co run the government with
President II Al Gore ..... power share....
I think between the both of them they could fix this
mess...... maybe......

I mean seriously "really" Bush must have
a zillion things comin at him at once and being
the "dimple" man that he is....
You could divy up the presidential responsibilities
and require unaniminoty on important decisions
that way at least bonehead things would be somewhat
precluded and they should be able to agree on the
no brainers at least....
and then a sort of fuzzy "super majority" would be
somewhat represented....
I suppose they could always flip a coin....

hmmmmmm well maybe not......

but..... food for thought....

maybe the position has grown beyond the one man
or woman concept. Well if not Gore than Gores wife
he has a wife No?

Well I don't know if I like this but I suppose
you could make an arrange to run things with the
UN which is fairly well established and ingrained
in such things. Power sharing with the UN...?????
not sure I terribly like the concept.....
A consultation perhaps between the secretary general
and the president?
a politically elected and appointed body and a publically
elected body

I suppose you could make a rule or a law when
the margin of the vote is 5% or so then it consitutes
a manditory power sharing protocal.
I suppose that means that something psychologically but
hmmmmm interesting that that happened in Canada the US
and now Germany as well
a definate trend it would seem....

Power sharing what a concept is humanity up for it?

Well look at it .....
what is this "trend" of vote splitting really mean
Isn't it saying something like we want "both" or we
want neither.... and since neither is not a viable
option in a modern sense....then youre left with
both yet both is problematic cause nothing much gets done
cause folks can't seem to agree or work together or
Well maybe they're not diameterically opposed per sae
but they're just having trouble being creative
or letting go of their egos
polititions don't seem to be terribly creative no offense
its not on the agenda at times but the people want both
it would seem even though both doesn't work it is probably
still better than one or none ..... why I'm not sure
but at the rare time when they forget their partizanship
then good things can happen.... or when they can balance
things out....
anyway both consider it...... its novel I suppose but its a
evolving world.....

Well look at it again
you didn't really choose bush
it was your supreme court
and hey they aren't no dummies
I can see why they choose bush over
gore ..... gore being somewhat flaky at times
but hey even the supreme court was miffed by this
one.... now if they were the creative types they
might have evoked this power sharing concept
I mean when the diff between the votes is that close
its a fuzzy logical "both" both both I would say
and yes both are probably not just "wanted" but
needed to deal with the complexities of it....
like glen said the magic 7 + 2 one person can only
function so well in a cross fire....
your supreme court as well did the best they could
within the rules of the day but maybe we need a modification
of those rules ..... will it work ..... the people seem
to think so ..... the voters ..... its what they sort of
suggesting and wanting even though its somewhat unspoken and unprecidented
it will have to work won't it..... what are the other options
what we just came through .... gosh spare us the details....
that was a bit of a rite of passage aye?


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1 comment

20 Sep 2005 @ 16:31 by swanny : Democracy
You must or should remember too that democracy was not
only supposed to be the rule of the majority or greatest number
but the rule for the greatest "GOOD" of the greatest number
an important moral imperative and distinction that is often overlooked or forgotten.  

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