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16 Mar 2006 @ 14:04, by swanny

March 16, 2006

Well mornin


well as some of you may know I have two pet budgies.
Well Mr. G. he came first by about two years
and he was an ornary sob for a long time.
Suddenly though when his favorite victum Mr Y
died of old age and heart failure... there was this
amazing "change" of attitude.
Here he realized it was only him and me left and he
had a huge cage all to himself with no one to bully.
Well that carried on for 2 or 3 months till I decided
to get Ms A. cause I was gone a fair bit.
Well Ms A. moved right in and dog gone it if she wasn't
the same a Mr G when he was young.
She beats up on him and will be grooming him and suddenly
take a bite out of his hide for good measure. (Psychosis?)
Anyway...she was starving him to death by not letting
him eat and "guarding" the food dish. Was this greed
or instinct or control? Not sure. So to retify the matter I thought I'd just put two food dishes in. This worked okay for awhile until Ms A. in , (and now It became a control issue) a counter strategy would sit herself in between the two dishes and guard them from him. The only flaw in this logic was that she can't eat while guarding the food. Ah a dilemna... the prisoners dilemna? well anyway Ms A is now in a self imposed battle between her 1. hunger vs 2 her control issue. Should I eat or should I guard and if she eats she lose because then Mr G. can eat too. I suppose I could complicate her situation
and simply go 3d with another food dish higher up but we'll see how Mr G and Ms A fair in the ongoing saga of the bird


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18 Mar 2006 @ 17:54 by swanny : Odd... or Primative Behaviour?
March 18, 2006

Well something strange...

Ms A starts a chirp or a call today which
she has never done before but which was
a phase Mr G goes thru now and then...

She has food, water, attention and an open cage
and yet this call seemed a "cry" or instinctual
call from a more primative nature. A call from
or to the wild... "hey hello..." is it just me
and Mr G and this autistic savant Mr Ed here
hello is any one else there.... hello....
hello.... where have you gone.... where are you
wild one? ones? I need....??? the wilderness...
I need Mother Nature???

well not sure if that is exact but a reasonable
fasimile of the supposed meaning of Ms A call.


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