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5 Aug 2007 @ 14:10, by swanny

August 5, 2007


just a casual observation here, I was trying to see if mathematics has any gender qualities or terms or distinctions and apparently just skimming the surface the answer seems to be no. math does not seem to address or distinguish any gender specific qualities or phenomenon.
Now is that a gross oversight or just ?
Language on the other hand has many gender attributes and terms and such.

the info available though seemed to suggest that men are better at math which appears gender neutral
and women are better at language which is gender specific or aware.

this seems somewhat mysterious ?


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5 Aug 2007 @ 17:17 by swanny : math
leads to a number of things to come to mind
as to how women may have had a more major role in the development of language
and the language of men is more mathematical than natural...

and how the left brain is math oriented and the right language and art ?

Also how the yin is the woman valley
and the yang is the male mountain...

there is a distinction in electricity and electronics where you have your male
and female connection...

but math cold and lonely and harsh math....

well you do have your positive and negative numbers
so would the male be negative and subtractive and divisive as in the propency to killing
and the female positive as in addition and mulitiplication due to the giving birth factor

and how thus -1 + +1 = either -1 or +1 or twins....

hee hee.... I call it the theory of relatives or inlaws....

never could seem to snuggle up to math myself though....


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