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 The Lines Of A New Civilization
18 Dec 2003 @ 08:42, by Christopher Harper

December 2003 - Are Solid Lines Needed in order to birth a New Civilization?

Today the world is a neighborhood like never before. Right now down the street one of our global neighborhoods called North Korea is running things by fear – every person knows this if they even know of this country. To find this neighborhood you simply need to drive out of yours and go west a few blocks of time. Shortly you will arrive there – but be very careful – folks are being killed there everyday.

Its homeowners association dictates what ‘right behavior looks like’ and if you don’t conform to this ‘look’ your life very well may end. So please heed the warning at this neighborhood’s entrance – “enter with caution – for your life is on the line.” It’s the same sign that was posted in the neighborhood of Iraq just a few months ago.

In this same Iraqi neighborhood the homeowner’s association once dictated what ‘right behavior looks like’ and if you didn’t conform your life ends. Strangely enough this behavior was considered acceptable by most all the world – though they still condemned it and limited it resources from around the world. How? – by the neighborhood police’s ‘security’ council – dictated by the political police called the United Nations (albeit wasn’t much security for the thousands who died). From the outside looking in these police told the homeowner association of Iraqi that, “if you don’t get honest with the rest of us, we will limit your ability to feed your people” – the leadership included. Then after some time…in the name of security, we traded food for their oil. What a clever move!

The homeowner association just flipped the U.N. police the bird, extending the middle finger up in a way that told them to just go to hell. They did this for years – until one day another neighborhood housing complex said enough is enough – seeing that one day that this fear behavior was spreading to their neighborhood. They exclaimed that”for years and 14 warnings – just asking for complete cooperation – that if the neighborhood of Iraq doesn’t change its ways,” then it was going to join with many other neighborhoods and end the Iraqi homeowners association. It’s reasoning seemed clear – there has to be a line draw in the sand that means something; otherwise there is no rule of law and thus no civilization. Right? Right…when consider that fourteen lines over 10 years were draw and over 100,000 neighborhood deaths later – still they told us the international neighborhood association to go to hell.

The liberals and conservatives went to war over this issue – a war that continues in Heaven. The left said wait some more – the right said we did – 10 years! Who’s right and who’s wrong? I augured that both are right – but too both are wrong!

Human right groups yelled for years that death and destruction were taking place there and even in other neighborhoods…i.e. North Korea, Iran? – but the neighborhood police do nothing! Millions of God’s children (the one God of Love that is on the altar of all great religions) have been killed for years – but the neighborhood police just denounce it with words.

Conservative are right to say something has to be done – and Liberals are right that it must respect human right and the innocence. So folks we say – get together with the neighborhood police and draw the lines of change – and once and for all – create a structure of international law that you are willing to fight for – otherwise close the association and spend the money at home!

How many UN policing resolutions are enough? Certainly one isn’t enough and 14 to many. The liberals should decide this, plus required timing in-between each one – but “it depends” isn’t an answer – remember innocence lives are at stake – so time is of the essence! Grey-area debating kills the innocence – and thus we’re all responsible for lives taken without action. How many total resolution should there be before deployment of real change is demanded and then deployed? Liberal minds need to decide this – human right groups and all the people concerned with the welfare of the human family.

Conservatives get to choose what creates resolutions – the criteria for warnings, and an automatic timetable for the ultimate discontinuation of a neighborhood association if required. Thus if the liberals say six is their number, then the beginning at ‘warning’ with number one and the ‘forced replacement of neighborhood association’ being number six – plus they work get to describe all the steps in-between.

And the moderates – well, they get to enjoy the process by holding both extremes accountable for creating concrete decision and actions. They get to make sure both sides do their part and remain accountable to the process.

So the next time the world does something to hold a government accountable for killing humans for the way they think (verse the way they act), then maybe the world will be better be truly civilized in its actions.

We can only pray that the next time the United Nation draws lines in the sand with a predetermine time table that is intended to saves lives…with an outcome that’s clear… thousands of innocence people being killed will be avoided.

Otherwise, where is the justice and sacredness of human life? Who is to be responsible?

Is it not really you and I who should take responsibility and thus blame for what’s happening during our watch?

To assume “that neighborhood over there” is not our business and “doesn’t concern me” is no longer an assumption we can trust. That is of course, assuming you too value human life?

Truly united we stand and divided we will fall…thus getting crystal clear in what is acceptable behavior from our neighbor next door, be it load music, a barking dog, or unsightly backyards…one things for sure – killing innocence people, no matter where you live – is not!!!!!!!!!

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