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16 Aug 2007 @ 06:20, by Vaxen Var

southern style. today was 102 degrees. one puppy sick from heat exaustion the rest doing ok. take care of your animals, people, they suffer worse than we do in the heat.

our mistakes are of our own making
bent only on pleasures and enjoyment
it's easy to lose your sense
of the limits that are necessary

rain will come in its' own time
you must wait for it
strength in the face of danger
bide your time, be patient

destiny at work
fortify the mind and body
with food and drink
with gladness and good cheer

my old starship
appears to be dying
it is tough, so tough
to lose a good old friend

hope all is well
with you NCNers
that the heat wave
isn't getting you down

this too will pass

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19 Aug 2007 @ 09:18 by jazzolog : Emitted Heat Radiation
Here we were on August 11th, 2007~~~

Obviously the yellow is the hottest from sensors in outer space. Blue and white is probably where you want to be. May cool down today...but I think out on Mars there was a day when it just didn't.  

19 Aug 2007 @ 17:52 by vaxen : Heh, heh...
Yup. It just didn't.

Then they wired us in and sent us backwards through time...

To warn this present earth that danger rots the core.
So, we heat the core to boiling point,
And bring the dreadnaughts down ...

To sink or swim or sadly slither under ground.

Once there we'll seek them out and slowly fry their brains-
For didn't history tell us of a time that was once filled
With rain and song and dance and war, endless war, with...

That champion god of commerce, Hera-Kles, linking, everywhere,

All to all - thus ending all - and a new day dawns on planet earth
Where no man reigns and sings his song of endless silence,
Broken only by that ancient refrain of stout hearts withering.


20 Aug 2007 @ 02:36 by Loopy @ : Hotter
You should be in the LA area. Hotter than Hell here...LOL ...Could easily fry an egg on the pavement. Haven't been to Hell lately so maybe I ...never mind.

Hope puppy feels better Vaxxy..Too much hot air eh?....hahaha

Hey Jazzy got your email today. Congrats on the good news...I also have news. Gonna be a grandma in October. My first grandchild...sigh...NOw if we can just the world in better...oh never mind!  

20 Aug 2007 @ 03:07 by vaxen : Loopy san!
Good to hear from you. Yeah, LA can be really nasty in this weather. There will be more in store. But...gratz Grandma! Watch over that little child. You haven't seen a lot of hell on earth is coming. So...prepare now and link up. ;)

Fortunately Magni is on our side and he has Mjolnir! Too bad about Thor but...twas his destiny. I rather liked old Fenriz but...I guess he had it coming. ;) Comes now our ships from out the deep, dark, depths of ABSU. You won't be sorry.  

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