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5 Aug 2008 @ 20:08, by Vaxen Var

With all the hype and hyperbola surrounding the so called 'election' of the next Fed Res, Narco Profits, lackey (The US President) I thought it moot to introduce, yet again, a few salient points for those of you who don't swallow the swill of it all that you may further be emboldened to free yourself from the Oligarcho-Fascist State called America, by some, the United States Corporation, by others, and the Legislative Democracy of Washington D.C. by a few of us. Ultimately a charade and an instrument, used for bludgeoning all who resist, of the fiends calling themselves the 'global elite.' I have no hope that the 'people' per se will ever wake up to what is really going on but...maybe a few will and in time a few more till one day...who knows? In the meanwhile just walk away. Stop voting. Know your rights under commercial, international, law. I.e. "Know who YOU are!" Enjoy...

The Post-Bush Regime: A Prognosis
By Richard K. Moore

In order to understand anything about American political affairs, it is necessary to have some understanding of who it is that really makes the decisions behind the scenes, and what their interests are. In this way we have some hope of identifying the hidden agendas being served by government actions and programs, and some hope of identifying the longer-term strategies that are in play.

It turns out — and informed people should already know this — that the U.S. is essentially owned and managed by a small clique of wealthy families — the ones who own and control the Federal Reserve. The Rockefellers are the obvious and well-known members of this clique, but there are others less well-known, not all American, and some whose identity remains to this day a carefully guarded secret. We don’t even know exactly who it is that’s running the show.

Such has been the nature of our ‘democracy’ since 1913, when the Federal Reserve Act was snuck through Congress during Christmas recess, by the same folks who funded Woodrow Wilson’s campaign and who became the private owners of the new all-powerful central bank. The first major initiative of these folks, the ancestors of our current ruling clique, was to finance both sides in Europe during World War I, and then to connive the entrance of the US into the war just in time to tilt the balance to the side favored by the clique — the same pattern that later characterized World War II.

From that point forward American policy-making has been firmly in the hands of the original Federal Reserve clique and its descendents. The mainstream media is also under the thumb of the same clique, so that public opinion is never allowed to interfere with fundamental clique objectives. The media can be used to support sitting Presidents, or to undermine them, depending on which best enhances those objectives. No President who has turned on these people has survived long in office, as we saw most recently in the case of JFK. The tentacles of the clique reach also into the top echelons of all the Intelligence services and the Pentagon, and into those influential globalist forums, such as the WTO, the Trilateral Commission, and the Bilderbergers.

Bush and the neocons have been mere tools-of-the-day for this clique. The neocons happened to be promoting a package that appealed to the clique, that promised to advance some of its objectives. In selecting the neocons to be the drivers behind a new administration, the clique was by no means adopting the neocon philosophy, nor were they buying into the whole PNAC package. They were simply employing a convenient tool that was aligned tactically with clique interests for the time being. Any such tool can be discarded whenever its behavior becomes counter-productive, or when a better tool comes along. There is always a Plan B in the wings for any tool that might go rogue or go sour.

Bush, who has probably never even read the PNAC agenda, was selected for entirely different reasons. Knowing that the agenda would be highly unpopular, the clique decided that defending it logically would be very difficult, even with complete control over the media. An articulate and intelligent President would look like a fool if he tried to defend the insane policies. So, our clique slyly figured, why not put someone up there who is obviously a fool, right through his whole little soul, so that the public will believe they are struggling against the foolishness of one man, and have no understanding of what’s really going on. Of course Bush, being clueless on all matters apart from golf, looting, cocaine, and womanizing, would need to be kept far away from any role in running the White House. Hence the need for Cheney, the shadow real president, who leaves all the photo ops to Bush, who stays out of the public eye himself, and who carries the Black Armageddon Box with him everywhere he goes, something only official Presidents have done in the past.

This was the project that went operational in the form of Bush’s initial Presidential campaign. The ducks were all lined up for launching a major imperialist venture, the preparations for 9/11 were well underway, and no power on Earth was going to stop the Bush Show. Of course Bush The Clueless was going to win, no matter how much vote fixing and media lying was required, or how many Supreme Court Justices were needed to accomplish the task. As a last resort they wouldn’t have hesitated to off Gore, one of their own boys, if it was the only way to open the path for their current man, a tactic they used earlier with Bobby Kennedy. Of course now that we have Diebold machines, all of this can be accomplished by a single computer command message, specifying which candidates are to get which percentage of votes in each precinct. Exit polls have been abandoned since they provide hard statistical evidence of the systematic fix.

The neocons have accomplished much for their elite puppeteers, and have been given in return free reign to loot at will, funneling all those billions for the Iraq War into their own corporate coffers and investment portfolios. They for their part have established the foundations of a fascist state in the US and Canada, secured Iraq’s oil reserves, built permanent forward mega-bases in Iraq, successfullly destabilized Iraq and prepared it for balkanization, secured pipeline routes in Afghanistan, restored the profitable opium trade, and made progress toward achieving the first-strike capability that will be needed when the time comes to take on Russia and China. Quite a bundle of major achievements in a very short time indeed. But to our clique, the question always is, “What have you done for me lately, Sunshine?”

The neocon intention to bomb Iran was the point where the tool went sour, and threatened to go rogue. Anyone who thought seriously about what bombing would lead to knew that an attack would quickly spiral out of anyone’s control — given the advanced arms that Russia has supplied to hot-headed Iran, and given the fact that the powder keg would involve a trigger-happy, nuclear potent, clinically-deranged Israel. Russia and China would of course be on ultra-high scrambled alert, poised to intervene with due force if the spiral crossed certain unspecified lines in the sand. The neocons knew this and the clique knew this. Any attack on Iran, no matter how well planned, limited, and executed, would be playing Russian roulette with World War III.

The neocons were ready to take this step, to play this game, and they were in a very advanced stage in their preparations, of both the military and the psy-op variety. Quite obviously they were not deterred by the possibility of all-out global nuclear war. This has nothing to do with Bush’s pretended belief in Revelations and the ascension of the elect, but rather with the neocons’ evident belief that they were ‘ready for the big one’, copying a page directly out of Dr. Strangelove, with the neocons in the role of Jack D. Ripper. Unlike the demented SAC base commander, however, the neocons were forced to telegraph their moves, and the clique was not pleased with the scenario. They knew the first-strike capability was not nearly ready — and Russian roulette is not a game they ever play. They play only when they hold all the top cards and own a controlling interest in the casino.

So the time had come to pull the plug on the neocon tool. It was surprisingly easy to do. The first step, taken who knows how long ago, was to put the word discreetly to the Joint Chiefs that the Iran project is off, regardless of what orders might come from the White House or the Black Box. This news, of course, was to be kept in the room, as it surely was. Once the castle was thereby made secretly safe, it was a trivial matter to plant the seeds that would unravel the whole gone-sour, rogue-threatening, neocon bandwagon. A simple but devastating Intelligence announcement, a few whispers to key Bilderberger players that it was open season on the American contingent at the next meeting, and various other subtle and quite easy moves. It takes little, after all, to bring down a house of cards, particularly one propped up by a weak joker. The clique as usual remains invisible.

Certain elements in the White House know what’s happening by now, while others seem to still think the neocon agenda is the order of the day. It seems pretty obvious that Cheney was briefed in advance, and has some kind of golden parachute in his Xmas stocking. I haven’t heard a peep from him since we first learned of the clique reversal, when the Intelligence announcement became public knowledge. Bush is by now imagining Cheney as a reincarnated Judas, and practicing how he’ll say “Et tu, Brute?” if the opportunity arises. And yet Bush evidently still hasn’t caught on that his chip has been turned off, him and that fellow Gates, both of whom still act as if the tractor is still in gear. I guess they’ll go down like the fellow in the Monte Python film...“Go ahead, cut off my other arm. I’ll still beat you.”

What happens next will be ratcheting in gains and preparing a fresh new story line. That is to say, none of the very impressive (i.e., horrific) achievements of the neocons will be undone, and yet the American people will be led to believe that the evils are in the past — the same standard tactic that we saw work so well when Nixon resigned. The media will be filled with fresh new story lines, along with bright intelligent confident reassuring empathetic Earth-loving new faces, plus other new fantasies — and the Bush experience will fade from public memory, along with last season’s football scores. Such an advantage it is for our rulers, that we Americans have such tiny memory spans and such limited powers of independent observation, compared to the rest of the world’s population. I guess the purpose of the melting pot was to melt away our basic intuitive judgment.

It’s not quite time for the surprise attack on the Wicked Witches of the East. Space-based warfare is still in Beta Test. Nor is it necessary to proceed at the moment with the full unleashing of the Gestapo, the SS Storm Troopers, concentration camps, forced labor, and the whole nine yards. The neocons have diligently built the foundations for all this, both in concrete and in legal precedent, but the project is for the moment on hold and the neocons off mission. When the time comes to resume project, that will be perceived as a new response to an unexpected emergent scenario, and no deferred continuity with the Bush era will be noticed.

I suggest that we can see the focus of the next US administration by paying attention to Al Gore. He’s going around preaching the gospel of climate change, and that is rapidly becoming the new cause celebre for the ‘international community’. It’s more than a campaign by Gore, we’re seeing a campaign being supported by the mass media, by the powers that be. We are clearly being prepared for a ‘new show’, after the ‘Bush show’, and the ‘new show’ is going to be about carbon taxes and credits, new energy sources, more efficient cars, biofuels, and all those other things that are allegedly related to climate change and peak oil.

In order to clear the way for the new show, it seems pretty clear that the new administration will begin with some easy political wins, by rapidly cleaning up some of the obvious messes left by the neocons. Closing down Guantanamo, and declaring that rendition flights have been abandoned, would gain a lot of points at no real cost (secret flights and prisons would undoubtedly continue). Iraq has already been destabilized and prepared for balkanization, and permanent US bases have already been built. Another easy win will be for US troops to withdraw to their bases and the oil fields, for the war to be declared over, and for Iraq to be split up into ethnic provinces, leaving them to squabble among themselves. It can all be portrayed in the media as a ‘victory for peace and democracy’.

What then, can we expect from this new show? What consequences are likely to follow from implementing the kind of policies that Al Gore and the media have been talking about, around climate change, energy independence, etc.? What is our ruling clique really trying to accomplish?

At a general level, it is clear that those kinds of policies do not involve fundamental changes in how our societies operate. We’ll still have cars, only they might be a bit more efficient, and we’ll be paying more for fuel and taxes to operate them. We’ll still be shipping products from China that we could produce locally, and we’ll still be depending on long-distance trucking. We’ll still be using agricultural methods that are highly petroleum-dependent, for tractors, fertilizers, and pesticides. Research and development of new energy sources will lead to lots of government subsidies, and it may get us a bit more energy, but not nearly enough to replace petroleum. As long as our transport and other infrastructures remain basically unchanged, we remain unsustainable, dependent on petroleum, and none of the Gore-like initiatives change the overall energy picture, carbon picture, or climate picture in any significant way.

In order to begin figuring out what the real agenda is, behind Gore-like policies, let’s look first at one example: biofuels. Producing biofuels does give us another energy source, but it also removes land from food production. As a consequence of the already-existing biofuels market, market prices for grain and other potential biofuels are now being driven by energy prices. Global food prices are therefore rising rapidly, while at the same time food-production acreage is being reduced. These two things will directly and drastically increase world hunger and starvation, particularly in the poorest regions. A Gore-inspired administration will be promoting an expansion of biofuel programs on a global scale, and it will be patting itself on the back for its noble oil-saving deeds.

All of this will be occurring in a context where we are facing a global food crisis generally. We haven’t seen many headlines on this topic, but the world is sitting on the brink of a major food crisis. Emergency stockpiles are at low ebb, production levels are down, crop failures are up, etc. It’s a very nasty picture even without biofuels.

In this context, the net consequence of a major biofuel agenda comes down to intentional genocide. In order to provide marginally more fuel to the over-consuming industrialized nations, untold millions will starve in the third world, in addition to those untold millions that are already starving. The marginal energy gain is so small by comparison, that we must accept that the biofuels agenda is primarily about genocide. However when we begin reading about new famines breaking out, perhaps in Brazil where biofuels are now going into massive production, the headlines will blame it on droughts, or crop failures, or some other excuse, as they always do. We will meanwhile feel a ‘green glow’ every time we fill up our Prius with biofuels, unaware of what damage we are doing. And perhaps we’ll donate to Oxfam, or adopt some third world child and send them letters.

A Gore agenda is simply genocidal imperialism hiding under a new mask, a new show. Instead of killing off the Indians by killing their buffalo, it kills off populations by removing their access to food in other ways. Once again, ‘they’ must be sacrificed so that ‘our’ way of life can continue and expand. We might note here that more Iraqis died under Bill Clinton’s sanctions than have been killed in the current Iraq war. In Bill Clinton’s time the pattern was invisible genocide, rather than the more violent Bush variety. Apparently in Hillary Clinton’s time we are to return to that earlier invisible pattern.

Clearly the consequences of a Gore agenda are genocidal, but one might question whether that is a primary intended outcome. I’ve been suggesting that it is, and I think more elaboration is in order on that point. I haven’t made the case very well yet. I’ve merely presented some of the evidence and suggested a pattern. In order to get a proper perspective on this issue, we need to step back a bit, and consider the bigger picture of the industrialized world vis a vis the third world, in the face of a broad range of mounting resource shortages — the strategic perspective of our ruling clique.

It seems very clear that the industrialized nations have no intention of changing the basic path they are on, or of abandoning capitalism. We can expect only more industrial growth, more energy consumption, continued use of energy-intensive agricultural methods, etc. The energy band-aids of a Gore agenda make no significant difference in this picture whatever, they simply affirm the intention to proceed with business as usual.

The only way the industrialized North can continue on this path is by taking over more and more of the third world’s land, water, and resources for its own use. As the industrial appetite for resources continues to grow at a rapid rate, and as our global resources are increasingly stressed, we are going to see a very rapid expansion of third world hunger and starvation — the globalization of African-scale famines. This is inevitable while the North stays on this basic path; whether we have Gore-like policies or some other set of policies is of little consequence.

This ‘inevitability’ of mass die-offs in the third world is well known to those who run the industrial nations. From the perspective of the heights of power, the question becomes, “How can we manage these die-offs so that they cause the least disruption in the global economy, and so that they don’t arouse too much public outcry?” Of course once you begin managing die-offs, you are then engaging in genocide, i.e., arranging for particular populations to die in preference to others.

The pattern for the management strategy has been made very clear in Sub-Saharan Africa, where all those civil wars, genocidal atrocities, droughts, and famines have been occurring. Not many people realize that these disasters have been systematically imposed on Africa, by means of IMF requirements, covert destabilization programs, denial of medical care, the widespread distribution of automatic weapons, the manipulations of international banks, the dedication of agricultural land and water to Northern consumption, and the list goes on. Not only is Africa being starved to death by market forces, but the process is being accelerated by covert genocidal interventions.

In Africa we see a full-scale Holocaust, a massive genocide program in process, or should I say we see it not. For in the media it’s nothing like that. We read that ‘tribal conflicts have flared up’, but we don’t hear about the two CIA bombings that were each blamed on the ‘other side’, and which ignited the fracas, a fracas that could become a civil war. We read about a famine due to ‘drought’, and we aren’t told that there would be plenty of water if it weren’t for all the coffee-export plantations using up the local water. We don’t see genocide, we see Africans befallen with unfortunate miseries, all due to the vagaries of Mother Nature.

Thus the pattern of managing die-offs becomes clear. It has been tested satisfactorily in Africa, and we can expect the proven pattern to be employed in future. They pick a population that they consider ‘redundant’, they undertake a program of acquiring that population’s resources, and then to speed up the process of removal they engage in various covert acts of genocide. In this way the world’s population can be whittled down piecemeal, and manageably, as the North gradually requires the utilization of ALL the world’s resources for its own exclusive use. Unfortunately for the North, even that won’t be enough to enable industrial growth to continue. The South is being killed off only that the unsustainable North can continue on its path a wee bit longer.

Meanwhile, the media in the North paints a picture in which only Nature causes famines, and the role of the North is always to provide aid, to the extent it can. Concerned viewers are given convenient numbers to call, so they can dispel their concern with a simple donation that will ‘save a child’, or ‘give a family a goat’. No genocide around here; we’re the good guys. See no evil, feel just fine. By the way, too bad about those famines over there.

The Gore-style policies are not just genocidal, they are formidably genocidal. When they start taking massive amounts of land out of food production, and bring about a substantial increase in global food prices, in the face of an already stressed world food situation, they could bring about in a very short time — one bad harvest season — famine on a scale we have never seen before. How serious the outcome will be depends entirely on how aggressively the new administration pursues the Gore-style agenda. They’ve got genocide down to a science, with tunable parameters.

Apparently, having field-tested Holocaust tactics in Sub-Saharan Africa, a decision has been made to go global with the program. For this purpose, the Gore-style policies have the potential to be the appropriate Weapon of Mass Destruction, the equivalent in the starvation game to nukes in the kill-by-fire game. This decision to go global was evidently made some time ago, no doubt just before Gore was asked to make An Inconvenient Truth. The film was the first signal of which way the winds were going to blow, the first preview of the ‘new show’.

The primary mission of the Hillary administration, under the banners of ‘doing something about climate change and peak oil’, will evidently be to undertake a massive resource grab in the global South, leading to the selective and massive elimination of certain populations through starvation. In other words, the mission is to expand the starving-Africa model globally, a process that will presumably be helped along by the usual shadowy suspects in their usual destabilizing roles.

My big fear with the Bush regime was the likely attack on Iran ... or was it the unleashing of the Gestapo? It was a close race in those dark days. Now we are on the verge of a regime bent on genocide on a scale that would put the Nazis to shame. I suggest that we have escaped the kettle only to fall into the frying pan.

I hope no one out there has any romantic notions about the new Administration, and I hope everyone realizes that the political process can never be used to solve our problems; that system is in fact the heart of our problem. I also hope it is clear to everyone that global genocide is an inevitable consequence of the continuation of this insane capitalist system, whether you agree with most of my analysis or not. And in the end, capitalism can’t last anyway.

Only when you have reached that deep level of hopelessness, where you see no avenue of escape, can you clear your mind enough to begin to see where the real problem lies. The real problem lies, my friends, in the fact that you and I have nothing to say about how our societies are run. Any one of us has more sense than the people who are running things, and we certainly have our fellow beings more at heart. Our problem lies in our own powerlessness, leaving power in the hands of those who always abuse it, in one way or another, in one age after another.

Our challenge as a sentient species, and our response if we seek to do anything about the growth-thru-genocide agenda, is to begin to empower ourselves, us ordinary people, without reference to the useless political process. How to pursue our empowerment must be the aim of our investigations, and pursuing that empowerment must be the point of our activism.

Copyright © 2008 Richard K. Moore

This article appeared on December 27, 2007, on the website of Global Research [link] .

Note added by PM, 2008-05-17: Al Gore is, at this date, the only senior Democrat who has not declared his support for one of the two Democratic presidential candidates, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. These two are engaged in a fight for the Democratic presidential nomination, one which has uncomfortably reminded the U.S. public of the racist nature of U.S. society. Despite Obama's courage and intelligence [link] many think that a black man can never be elected president. Hillary, on the other hand, has shown herself to be (in Xymphora's [link] phrase) the More-Wars-for-the-Jews candidate. Thus a lot of people would rather that neither of them be the Democratic presidential candidate. What, then, if (say, in July) Al Gore were to announce that he is making himself available as a candidate? Many people would urge the convention delegates (both ordinary and super) to forget the results of the Democratic primaries and just vote for Gore. A Gore vs. McCain presidential election would give the presidency to Gore (even without the help of voting machines, which are now widely known to be rigged). Many people would sigh with relief — and feel good that Gore, who was robbed of the presidency in 2000 by the use of the rigged voting machines and by a politically partisan Supreme Court (resulting in a moron and a psychopath [link] becoming U.S. President for eight years) had finally achieved what was rightfully his. Then the members of the Federal Reserve clique could rub their hands with glee and set about implementing the Gore agenda of mass starvation, appropriation of global South assets, and accumulation of more wealth for them and those who will come after them.


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6 Aug 2008 @ 02:15 by vaxen : Ipso Regno
A Gore (*Note: Or Obama) agenda is simply genocidal imperialism hiding under a new mask, a new show. Instead of killing off the Indians by killing their buffalo, it kills off populations by removing their access to food in other ways. Once again, ‘they’ must be sacrificed so that ‘our’ way of life can continue and expand. We might note here that more Iraqis died under Bill Clinton’s sanctions than have been killed in the current Iraq war. In Bill Clinton’s time the pattern was invisible genocide, rather than the more violent Bush variety. Apparently in Hillary Clinton’s time we are to return to that earlier invisible pattern.  

6 Aug 2008 @ 11:05 by jazzolog : Happy Birthday Andy
Andy Warhol for Familiar Quotations
by Peter Oresick

Andy Warhol said, Always leave them wanting less.
Being born, Warhol said, is like being kidnapped.
Everyone will be famous, Andy said, for 15 minutes.
I thought everyone was just kidding, said Andy.

Being born, Andy Warhol said, is like being kidnapped.
Think rich, said Warhol, look poor.
I thought everyone was just kidding, said Andy.
Dying, Andy said, is the most embarrassing thing.

Think rich, said Andy Warhol, look poor.
I am a deeply superficial man, said Warhol.
Dying, Andy said, is the most embarrassing thing.
Andy said, I'd like my tombstone to be blank.

I am a deeply superficial man, said Andy Warhol.
Fashions fade, Warhol said, but style is eternal.
Andy said, I'd like my tombstone to be blank.
Isn't life, said Andy, a series of images that repeat?

Fashions fade, Andy Warhol said, but style is eternal.
Everyone will be famous, Warhol said, for 15 minutes.
Isn't life, said Andy, a series of images that repeat?
Andy said, Always leave them wanting less.

Isn't life, said Andy, a series of images that repeat?
Isn't life, said Andy, a series of images that repeat?

Always leave them wanting less, Andy said.

"Andy Warhol for Familiar Quotations" by Peter Oresick from Warhol-O-Rama © Carnegie Mellon University Press, 2008.  

6 Aug 2008 @ 16:10 by vaxen : Commentary:
Why Bill Clinton's still upset

9 Aug 2008 @ 20:44 by vaxen : E Pustulus Unum
And it is somewhat less hot here today than it has been in the past two weeks. A bit of relief can go a long way towards hastening resolve. Let them all eat cake...  

10 Aug 2008 @ 19:52 by vaxen : If...
General Robert E. Lee wouldhave listened to Stonewall Jackson the South would have won the war. Lincoln and his party would have run from the Whitehouse like the dogs that they were and this world would be a kinder, gentler, place today.

The NWO's supreme rite, Olympian rite, yells on over there and the glistening baubles of treasure filter on down into the 'American mindset.' Through polluted streets idiot children run, wetware for the new birth dawn, and tourists will come home depleted of anything resembling human heart and soul.

Souless Olympics for businessmen who rob Earths hordes not only of human dignity but of the lies which keep that front up then they resell them to the highest bidder in the fabled streets of London, Paris, Moscow and New York.

Beijing, like Dubai, is an eyesore built by zombies enshrining the zombie spirit of self effacement and the Stockholm syndrome...

America, is that a Raven knocking at your door?

Do the fleas of a thousand kings Nurtured on blood most royal Seem destined for greater things Than the fleas that suck lackeys loyal?  

17 Aug 2008 @ 10:05 by maxtobin : Bulls eye Vax.
Like a laser beam upon the scene eh. Well placed here Vaxen; it all rings very true in these here ears. Time to become more fun guys (organic fungi for me) me thinks and attend to the food production and mother ships systems of harmony not the same as Ahhh money; but no point waiting for others to wake up eh (zombies are zombies after all) just get on with it and keep on keeping on. It is good to keep reminding the others of the fun-da-mental truth that it aint so much fun when the mental ones have control. We was waiting for the event which would allow the current team assume full emerge and cease control for the force eable future. Maybe that wont happen now (or perhaps the cowboys will need to be taken out after all is done).

The shamanic wisdom is that the balance will return to the place of balance and as humans we can not avoid the facts of life which is carbon (element 6 6 6!!!) based. There is a plan and it is unfolding as it should, free will is included and balance is exact. This is the last stand for the control freaks and when the economic manipulation gets away from those who still delude themselves they direct the show we will find that the words of the mighty chief Seattle are prophetic in deed. Save your seeds and remember how to compost: and perhaps in the good old US of A it may be a good idea to go invisible too. Honour the microcosm and the macro and we (thats co-creation as the new paradigm) will do fine.
The human spirit will over come and survive the demented banksters game.  

18 Aug 2008 @ 22:02 by a-d : Now, wait a minute, Max!....
".... carbon ( element 6 6 6!!!) based..." (carbon.... (ELEMENT 666 ))???????? Could you explain this a little more, please? Maybe a link as well, eh?

...and, besides.... The Fifth Night is soon coming to its close and the Fifth DAY will start... (in Mid Nov. ) What are you (and Alana ) feeling about this? ....The DAYS (in the Bactim) tend to be lighter energies, easier to handle, Politics eases up -usually...........

Thanks, Max! : ) // A-d  

19 Aug 2008 @ 01:36 by a-d : Grassroot -People
are doing it!.... THIS is what "Doing It " means in todays Society (we know what it meant when we were Thirty something!...;). don't we?!... )

[ ]
Alexander's Rag time Band can close their shop now... they just lost the LAST of what they COULD have had!.....and they know it!  

19 Aug 2008 @ 08:20 by maxtobin : Carbon
Check out this


And you can see that carbon has six electrons ; six neutrons; and six protons????

Fifth night finishes late November and yes the days are usually easier than the nights (the darkness and shadow of separation loves to lurk does it not)!

Sixth day in this the Galactic underworld is a similar energetic to the sixties (Planetary underworld)and is considered to be the 'flowering' in a particular underworld immediately prior to the harvest. I would recommend Carl Callamann and his book Transformation of Consciousness there are links {here|} from our site for that.

The downloads are ongoing and we are sensing the homecoming and committed to it as the only sane way forward IMHO. We are advised and share this with those open to receive it, that it is not possible for mind alone to grok the way for we are entering the days of conscious co-creation and therefore 'divine creator' alone knows; this means we make it up as we go, BUT there will be harmony and peace and people will know what it means to support each other in co-creation of sacred space.

I don't think/feel/believe that politics will 'ease up'; the New Civ (past the daze and knights) is beyond politix me thinks and more the result of heart manifestation of the collective' but hey maybe I AM just a crazy dreamer after all. What does your heart tell you?  

21 Aug 2008 @ 05:30 by a-d : Now that the poop in their own Backyard;
the Military's stinking embarrassement (by) not winning what was supposed to be an easy quick Operation ( in S.Ossetia) they , the Emplyers, choose to "Go Spiritual" and win all the Lost Souls of & in America that way...Have they ever been anything but "spiritual"???!?!??!Ever??? !!!... .... all those Neo-Con-"Christians"?? .... ahhh how stupid of me!; )

[ ]  

21 Aug 2008 @ 05:36 by a-d : Max. this coming week end ....
...I will tell you (guys) what my Heart keeps telling me.Right now I'm in the middle of very intense Manifesting period... Lots of Good Things been happening and still going strong! Tell you more on sunday/monday. Till then; Be well you all! Hugs/A-d  

24 Aug 2008 @ 05:12 by a-d : Here are some of the Things
my Heartis showing me and my Every-day EXPERIENCE coupled with OBSERVATION (of other people as well as of myself) is showing it to actually be happening this way: The more we improve ourselves and the more consciously we ask for GOOD Things to happen and make own good Choices to put into actionthrough our (Daily Decicion-making process, the more we will find other people having (recently) started with these same actions/ practices! Hooponopono in Real Life!!! Soooo very cool! BTW; The link I gave you guys here above is proof of this very statement.

I recently made friends with a family, who does Farmer's Market on their own Farm and Hutterites (similar to the Amish)come there every thursday with their Fruits and Veggies; the Rolls Royes and Bugattis and Lamborginis of the VeggieWorld, plus other vendors there selling their stuff: Home made jam, hand made bead jewelry and I myself am there with my hand knit mittens, scarfs etc. We are having a blast! More & more People are starting to show up, and be interested, among the Big Discussion Topics is --at the very top-- Flathead Valley- Community's efforts in launching our Local money and getting the Barter system ever more active!
These are some ways I see in not just lour Neck of the Woods to become ever more popular things to improve Life, but in more & more Places/Communities this kind of Spiritual Hands-On-Awakening/Forward Move is now occuring, I have noticed on the Net.
The more this is happening the more crazy the Sickos are acting out and now all their "Safety Nets"/"hiding places" are seen by all who care to see!...hence not safe for the Sickos any more....which, of course drives them to even deeper madness!... which now is evermore blatant and in the open for all to see!...
These are the two Polarities of the Pendulum swing right now, after what I have noticed.
How about You(r Neck of the Woods), Max & Vax? :)  

24 Aug 2008 @ 07:27 by magical_melody : Thanks Vax...for the post
Bulls Eye is right!

Another Moore...The name just keeps on giving...

This guy goes deep into the Rabbit Hole to gather the threads. What a writer?

Hmmm-An Inconvenient Truth...well research is how guys like Moore get to it...rather than relying on show, even as many were scratching their heads...ya know? this guy for real? Let's win over the grass roots groups and get them behind me. Looks like a decent enough fellow and movie on the surface...right! Perhaps that was the plan stan!

Richard writes that Americans have short term memory - many covert & overt operations that make sure that they do...a real poisonous stew... and now for the next course .... how about a fast...? Looks by what he writes, Gore will see to that!

And what is in store for the nation? OYE! Certainly not an {link:|Obama-nation}

AND what is up with that Con-do-sleeza not so nice, visiting NZ and hangin with a local whose already gotten himself in hot water?

{link:|Strange Bed Fellows}

Yet...good on those students! NZ GO! {link:|Protesters Plan} AND {link:|Protestors Herald Report}

{link:|Makes Me Wanna Hollar!}

{link:|FISA} just passed...With the stroke of George W. Bush's pen, the US is formally now a police state.

And what about BILL GWATNEY? Chairman of the Arkansas Democratic party assassinated - there is a similar stink like the Oswald case:
{link:|Murdered?} and just days later Stephanie Tubbs Jones, the first black woman ever elected to congress, died of a brain hemorrhage. She was featured in Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 911 movie. {link:|Jones Dies} And just days before the Democratic National Convention!

Yes much more yet to come in Amerika...and other places round and about..  

4 Sep 2008 @ 04:59 by a-d : "The Good
Die Young".... we heard that already as kids, didn't we?....Who knew! (what it meant! Now we do! )

THANKS Max for your Info/Perodic Table etc!...very informative! good to have it all refreshed, once again/"every once in a while! :)  

15 Sep 2008 @ 18:58 by Ed @ : Max?
Why is Vax being called Max?  

16 Sep 2008 @ 13:56 by a-d : Vax is NOT
being called Max!... Maxtobin is being called Max, because that's his name! : )

Please, read the whole thread (of comments!) ;)  

17 Sep 2008 @ 22:41 by a-d : Vaxen!... my Vaxen! : )......
good to see you (again)! XOXOXOXO/A-d  

17 Sep 2008 @ 22:45 by vaxen : Wuhu!
Lots of comments to read here now that 'I'm back' and some pretty good links too. Thanks Max for your input and thankyou, too , magickal melody. As a member of the 'ground crew' I must concentrate on the manifestation phase of the New Paradigm but my predilection is also for filling in the blank spaces so that we can all understand what and who we are up against. Many people will never get this far but... it is too late.

Yes the balancing point is rapidly drawing us home. Lots of positive things manifesting for me, too, even when they are apparently negative. We must keep on keeping on as the human race truly is at stake and the more people we can awaken to the possibility that there is another way the better off we will all be.

We are all humans becoming. Help us to become. For the highest and best good of all.

Purpose: Birthing the New Paradigm. ;) Thankyou all so much and all the best to you. May your way be easy and your burdens light.


17 Sep 2008 @ 22:47 by vaxen : Heh!
Synchronicity, A-d? I'll send you the 'new' phine number later on... Good to see ya, too. Have been on the Psi-Net for awhile so...

See ya later and lots of hugs and kisses from the ground crew here to y'all 'up-there.' Remember thqat the 'flight crew' can't do much till we prepare the way. ;)  

18 Sep 2008 @ 03:44 by a-d : Thanks Compadre! : )
I will have lots of fun stuff to tell you! / Monkey Girl  

20 Sep 2008 @ 10:05 by vaxen : Phone#
This is the story of how I went to see the Webfairy.
This is the story of the last witch. This is the
story of love of trains and the Old Ones, and how I
found the Wai Lana yoga show. This is the story of
the Kundalini serpent which lurks within.

Did you get the # A-d? Sorry to hear about your old friend PC. Surely Dave has something you can hack together to get you up and...hey, get a Dell! ;) Will write more later Monkey girl. In the meantime swing around in your treetops and eat some leaves. Stay healthy, wealthy, and wise so you can help me become human. ;)

#Moon base Alpha over and out.  

20 Sep 2008 @ 16:23 by a-d : ***
: )  

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