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picture16 Feb 2004 @ 18:36, by Marissa A Spencer it is illustrated a bit here online.. or you can read it here.

The Calaman Stone

I wandered along a wooded lane
My mind empty of all but the crunch of leaves
And the scurry of creatures by the path
There came a whisper through the naked trees.

“It is I. Can you see me? Can you feel me?”
Truly I was imagining this soughing voice.
“Where are you?” I whispered, looking here and there.
“I am very near, very, very near.”

I felt a warm, soft feathery caress
Touching my cold, wind-sore face.
My heart bloomed within me
The fire inside scorching my chest

My feet took me to an ill-used path
That disappeared into a dark wood
Huge stones lined the lonely lane
And the wind whipped my thin coat

“Find me, find me.” The whispers beckon.
A silver shard of light cut into my eyes.
It limned a slight figure fluttering before me.
“There you are.” I thought aloud.

Seeming as if made of snowflakes.
She sparkled and shimmered, her eyes like ice
And appeared to change in feature and form
Whenever she moved or spoke.

I felt her hand in mine and it felt ethereal
It was almost if I took my eyes off her
She would disappear into the mist
Smiling she led me into the blue-white light

The sudden change to warmth left me blinking
In an instant springtime was around me
She changed to a faerie of verdant green
Her eyes now deep forest brown

She led me yet further and I saw the great waters
The streams, and falls and meandering rivers
The impossible green-ness of it all made me weep
“How is this possible?” I asked.

“Anything is possible.” I heard her whisper in my mind.
“There is more.” Then the world around spun into a blur.
Everything was blue, blue-green. I felt sand under my feet.
A water world was the next domain to see.

“I need you to find something for me.” She gazed at me.
“What? What power do I possess that you do not?”
“More than you know, kind Sir.” Her sad eyes now blue.
“I am trapped here, only your spirit is with me.”

“I cannot dwell with my kind, for I am a prisoner.”
I knew her eyes would be weeping, in spite of the water.
“Tell me what to do.” My own fate rested with this quest.
“You must find the Calaman stone, I am trapped within.”

“Where will I find this stone and what does it look like?”
“Look within to find the way, blue it is where it lay.
Before moonrise, or I shall die. Break it on the sacred eye”
She set a shell into my hand, and she was gone.

I stood where I had been, along the path alone.
For surely I had dreamed it all, in my own mind.
I felt an object in my hand, the shell I was given.
I knew then I had to search, for her faerie prison.

That night I dreamt wild, disturbing things
Weeping filled my ears, bringing my own tears
Sitting up suddenly, I saw a small blue light
I shook my head to clear it and the light was gone.

Hastily donning my clothes I went into the night.
The pounding of my heart, led me in desperation.
I ran to the woods to where she had led me.
No light led my way, but I remembered.

The crevice between the stones led to a cave.
The blackness was palpable and moistly clinging
I slipped and found myself in a deep water filled pool
It was freezing and I could barely move.

I saw down below me a faint blue glow.
Diving down to see it, I reached out my hand.
A hard object now glowed in my hand.
It was warm, in spite of the frigid water.

My lungs about to burst I hoped I was rising
Miraculously my lungs again could breathe.
Stone in my pocket I slowly arose from the pool
I fell to my face and slept, numb to the core.

Morning dawned, small edge of light into the cave
Stiffly rising, I stood shakily and went to the light
The red dawn mocked me in its faint promise of warmth
My wet clothes almost froze me as I stood.

I found a flat rock to sit on and took the stone out
It glimmered faintly, blue flashes here and there
I held it up to my eyes, and there she was.
Frozen, as if in mid-scream, my faerie lass.

How was I to free her? I had to act soon.
For it was to be a morning moon this day.
A sacred eye; where could that be?
I wilted ‘neath my frantic fears that filled me.

I walked back through the now wintry woods
Softly reddened by the sun, there a ring of tall black stones
An unknown place before this morn, they hulked around me
I gazed at them, watching the early mists dissipate slowly

Walking around them I muttered to myself
A voice in me shouted, “Stop!”
I gazed up at the stone beside me, and saw a face.
Carved faintly, ominous and unearthly

The eyes were but depressions in the stone
Sacred eye, sacred eye…I took the Calaman out
I heard soft drumming, chanting, and I threw the stone
The Calaman stone broke into blue-fired shards

The ground began to shake and I fell onto my back
I remember no more, as I fell into a deep, black sleep
Awakening, found me back in my bed.
My wet clothes and muddy shoes beside my bedside

Out the window I could see the rising moon.
I went back to sleep, and dreamt of fairyland
My fair blue maiden was dancing with her faerie folk
She smiled at me and kissed me, and then she was gone.

I wander those lonely paths most every morn
A sentimental hope I suppose of a lonely heart
For what mortal can surpass in hope and love
The magic that dwells within us all.

Marissa A Spencer
©January 11, 2004

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1 comment

17 Feb 2004 @ 01:27 by shawa : Aha!
Lovely shapeshifter story... :-)  

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