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picture29 Mar 2004 @ 01:37, by Marissa A Spencer

Neptune’s Realm

Would I to Neptune’s realm be drown’d
If you were lost upon the seas
As royal lovers we be crown’d
Castaways from earth’s glories
For ne’er loved another as we two.
Spare me not if breath not shared
Without you, what would I do?
Borne as two, we now are paired.
There is no use to life else wise
As loves beheld within our eyes.

Where withal did the sun diminish
Outshined by brilliant vision?
Will what begun someday finish,
A soul journey’s eternal mission?
Resting amongst the seaweed waves
Frozen in death’s quiet dance
Hearts and minds are fellow slaves
Joined in common wounding lance.
Will you walk the sodden deep,
Beside my soul forever keep?

© March 25, 2003 Marissa A Spencer

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