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picture20 Apr 2004 @ 22:25, by Marissa A Spencer

Rose Midst Seaweed Tide

A rose midst seaweed tide
Beckoned the tears of lost hellos,
Dripped the cries of ocean farewells,
As it rolled with the fanning water.
It lay forlorn and heavy with lost meanings.
The graying sky
and cooling wind
fluttered the bruised petals.
Shocking in its brilliance
against the drying kelp,
it broke through the soft wanderings
of a walkerby.
Pondering and suddenly sad,
they looked up at the endless water,
Seeking the horizon for something lost.

There in the shifting glowing light
Birds soared in and out of dark scarves of gray,
Entreating the fingers of mist,
Pulling the heart into the sky.
Feeling not the frozen seeping water,
Transfixed eyes worship the rising Phoenix.
Burning the image forever
Never lost

The roses in their constant turnings
Were caught in the surf
Rolling once again to decorate
The green foaming tide
Almost gaily they twisted in the water
“Farewell, farewell”.

July 11 2001
© December 17,2001 Marissa A Spencer

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