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picture 22 Apr 2004 @ 23:52, by Marissa A Spencer

It could Happen to YOU!

I know what you are thinking….I imagined this all. Right? I admit it seems a bizarre thing. I was returning from Los Angeles late April 2000, and found myself sitting around 2 AM at the Sacramento Airport Terminal. I was waiting for one of those cute little blue vans to take me home. I was waiting at the front where the vans picked you up. The night was still dark and the view to the parking lot and attending streets was in good view. There were not many cars around at that time of day. I had some fellow weary travelers for a while, but their ride arrived and spirited them off. Funny thing I should say spirited…isn’t it?

Ho! You say! Yes I do…odd things were going to happen while I sat there in the cool early hours waiting for that dang van. I had been visiting my son and his wife. She was expecting and wanted a motherly comfort as she was feeling pretty poorly (as many woman do in the early months). I happily went down and did what I could (wasn’t much one can do for morning sickness), and spent time with both of them. It was a nice visit, I enjoyed every minute of it.

Back to the airport; am I trying to build suspense?…yes in a way I guess I am. For what happened could be considered a perfectly normal occurrence….maybe. I sat there, watching the empty parking lot and entrance road. I think I was completely alone except for the people inside the terminal. The cool air was pleasant and I sat under the eaves of the terminal. There were inset lights all along above me. Of course, the parking lot was riddled with the usual lighting on tall poles. I sat on that cold concrete (no there was no seating) and sighed to myself. I noticed the street light directly in front of me about 40 feet away from me going off. Now, I am aware of street lights that will do that occasionally. I wasn’t going to get all freaked out. It was directly in front of me, right on the other side of the van driveway pick-up zone. The light went off. A few moments later it came on again. Then it came on again. It started to do this in a pretty regular fashion. I perused the parking lot and saw the lights down one way, down the other way, as far as I could see, and none of them were going off and on. I figured it was a faulty switch, or perhaps a bulb on it’s last sizzle.

I sat there watching this light activity for some time. I noticed suddenly the light above me going off. I am thinking… sure… be that way. The inset light right above me starts doing an on and off dance with the street light. You know, there are times when I am really glad to be alone. It looked very, very odd.

I figured I was not centering my energy well and it was flying willy- nilly everywhere. It really is embarrassing when that happens. I notice times when street lights as I drive go off in more frequency than chance. Well, it is no surprise that no wind up watch will work on me. I am sure this isn’t a unique experience, but I wanted to share it nonetheless.

©April 22, 2004 Marissa A Spencer

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23 Apr 2004 @ 06:35 by spiritseek : Yep..
it happens alot here. My daughter burns out light bulbs faster then we can replace them. Sometimes with a great bang it startles everyone! Me I just get shocked alot and burned out a door security box at work that was just put in. They had to go around and open it from the other side.  

23 Apr 2004 @ 09:00 by craiglang : Streetlights and Software
Hi Marissa,

Here's another one that I think you will relate to... :-)

In the evenings, my wife and I like to take an evening walk before retiring. When we get to the end of the block I note that the streetlight goes out. The same happens when we get to another streetlight around the corner. I never notice them going out when we are at a longer distance away, just when we are nearby.

Also, I've noticed that light bulbs in our house tend to have a rather short lifespan. When I have been doing alot of deep meditation, when I'm active in PSI experiments, or when I have been doing alot of hypnosis work with close encounter experiencers, this effect seems to peak (though that is purely a subjective observation).

Also, at work (the day job) we did an experiment with a piece of software that was working unreliably. The software communicated with another piece of software on a different machine, via a radio link, but there was a problem with what was essentially a random error that would creep in. Random interference like that is a quantum process. So as an experiment, I decided to try visualizing the software running correctly. On another occasion, I tried thinking about software errors. On yet another occasion I simply ignored the whole thing. Most of the failures seemed to occur when I was actually ignoring it...

This might all be my imagination, but the anecdotal accounts seem too compelling to be entirely that...


yes I agree Craig... well we are electrical systems...and we are connected to all things right? I have had similar experiences... but this one was a new one for me...two lights directly in front of me, not connected electrically... blinking on and off. I had to chuckle as it seemed so much like a joke being played on me lol. Marissa

Hi Marissa - me again... :-)

An interesting experiment would be to see if you could control it. See if you can make it turn on and off.
I've found that cranky streetlights can be interesting playthings... :-)

Happy flickering,

23 Apr 2004 @ 10:14 by vaxen : Maybe...
there's a little bit of 'street theatre' going on Marissa? Street Theatre does'nt really mean 'Street Theatre' in the 'normal sense.' Someone is watching you... ;)
we are not alone eh Vax? well.. I have a whole crowd that walks around with me...could have been any one of them *wink

marissa that is spelled.. M A R I S S A *grins  

23 Apr 2004 @ 17:10 by jmarc : when you figure how to control it
give me the recipe. We have security lights all around this building on the adjacent properties that aren't hooded and don't point downward. It's actually quite difficult to get total darkness in this apartment. Now i suppose there's other forms of energy like kinetic energy that would do the trick, but if i could do it with my mind? huh! they'd never catch on! Interesting story. I've heard of this before from callers to the Art Bell Radio program, but i've never seen it happen, although T say's i send bad vibes to the TeeVee to screw up the reception(no cable dontcha know;)

Dear dude,
If I knew how to control it...well.. maybe I'd go gambling or something lol
You mess up the reception.. well... stand in the other corner lol .. put your arms up.. lean to the left... a little more... stop.. right there... don't move.  

26 Apr 2004 @ 15:02 by craiglang : Experiment
I tried a little experiment with the streetlight a block or two away from my house. This one is intermittent, and has seemed to go out when I walk underneath. It comes on again about two minutes later - usually when I'm about 1/2 to 1 block away.

This time, I walked unerneath and noted that it went out when I was about 3 feet or so from being directly beneath it. I walked past, at normal walking speed and noted that it faithfully came back on in two minutes.

I then walked underneath it again, and noted it went out when I was at the same locaiton. This time stayed closer to the light, and observed it come on again a coupel of minutes later. I immediately walked underneath it, and noted that it didn't go back out again.

So whatever the cause of the light going out, the effect seems to need to "recharge" for a few minutes before being able to occur again. It was interesting that it did occur when I was aobut at the same distance, though.

I then walked about a block away and observed. This time it went out at about the same time period, but in this case, I was nowhere near it. So, alas, I was probably not the "super-psychic" that I thought I was... :-)  

26 Apr 2004 @ 22:02 by skookum : who knows, don't discount anything..
just keep observing... watching.. waiting..

what freaked me out was my sitting under one inset light.. you know.. a normal flood light.. and have it blink on and off above me.. as well as the tungsten or whatever it was street light..

i felt a bit picked on lol  

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