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picture27 Apr 2004 @ 15:48, by Marissa A Spencer

The Loch and the Lad

The dark water roiled beneath the moon's shining,
shivering cold the liquid did bubble.
Slithering back and sensuous fin,
what kind of creature lived therein?
Moaning a sigh of sorrow and trouble,
she anguished with love's lost pining.

Upon the loch's shore a lad bonny and braw,
sighted by Nessie; the greatest of all.
A gleam in her eye as she spies his fine form,
her heart quickens like the winds in a storm.
In a great rush of white water and speed,
she gathers him up with a feverish need.

Dragging into the hellish depths she descends,
his body gently grasped in her jaws so lovingly,
Sputtering, as to the green illumined grotto he is lain,
her gaze upon him of affection profane.
She in her loneliness did regard him longingly.
He grapples with a sight he can't comprehend.

Sinewy neck, black with fire's raging eyes,
she coiled to embrace his torso and thighs.
He, wrenching and begging to be set free.
She, had no ear for his ardent sad plea.
Finally he reached out in pity at last,
he touched her neck and sensed her life's past.

Alone in that loch with no mate to caress,
the dark frigid nights were oh so endless.
Midst her eye a tear did trail down her face,
he understood her now and pitied her place.
Reaching a hand to touch black slimy skin,
he knew she was now closer than kin.

A tremendous cry issued from her great chest,
in a roar heard throughout all of Loch Ness.
With a great heave she grabbed him once more,
back to the light him at once she'd restore.
Queen of the twilight she could do no less,
but return the fair lad that had once been her guest.

Like a precious gem she laid him on the shore,
misery marked her heart as before.
She slowly descended her kingdom of gloom,
fully aware of her eventual doom.
The lad wept as she was lost to view,
knowing that myth was often times true.

(c) September 13, 1999 Marissa A Spencer

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27 Apr 2004 @ 16:43 by vaxen : Fast lass that...
and he lived after all that? Must have been an Albanach!  

27 Apr 2004 @ 16:45 by scotty : *sigh*
home sweet home !

Hey Marissa - your poems are really great !  

27 Apr 2004 @ 23:24 by skookum : Scottish men
toughest, sexiest men on the planet!

thank you... this was originally written as an entry in an informal contest at where I post with my friends on the net.

yes.. I won lol

I also did another.. a humorous one.. will have to look that one up.. might be on my floppies.  

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