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picture15 Jun 2004 @ 01:21, by Marissa A Spencer


Illumination; that light within
Eluded my flailing reach
Seeking in word and thought
Left me wanting the quick way
I found detours to empty rooms
Now I sought a different path

Shrouded mountains rose ahead
The trees dripped and rustled
My footsteps crunched softly
The wind hushed and rushed
My path grew narrow and cold
A penance to the fire within

When the feast lays before me,
Will I partake and fill my heart,
Or will I find no place at the table?
Will that mountaintop wait for me,
While my fears test the course?
Best I’d get moving along.
Better that then wayside sitting.

As I walked the air grew thin
Sun burning my frozen skin
How could I have known,
That I was so lost and alone?
This sacred place was my goal,
Was there room inside my soul?

© June 14, 2004 Marissa A Spencer

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