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picture 25 Jun 2004 @ 23:19, by Marissa A Spencer

Dark Jungles

I want to know you
my love

I want to know your dark jungles: dangerous, beautiful, and predatory

Your high mountains so rarified and indomitable, misting in the distance
Your deep rivers with their frozen depths and mystery
Your lazy ponds of buzzing and hot summer afternoons
The untamed oceans of you, with its tides and tempests…furies
The sighing winds that brush against the insistent tides that advance and retreat

I want to feel your gentle breezes and hurricanes touch me
Lift me up with invisible wings to the stars then bring me down to
your silent woods
those secret, sacred places
Those meadows of your soul: let me bask in the sunshine and warmth beside you.

Let us lay in the rich loam and tender grasses, softly cradled on the earth
and feel the nurtured peace of belonging
I want to see the skies at eventide in your eyes, reflecting the heavens,
the morning sun on your hair, the moonbeams on our entwined love
I want to travel those celestial ornaments that beckon from the dark twinklings above us

To feel that candle flame and the raging fire that courses through you
Burn me, so I will know
I want to travel through softly
Discover you slowly
Savoring every thing

© August 1, 2000 Marissa A Spencer

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1 comment

26 Jun 2004 @ 04:25 by jazzolog : The Excitement Of New Love
For those of us who have been married a quarter century or so, it is good this day to renew our vows through a poem like this. What unknown territories have we explored so far...and what terrain is there still to be enjoyed which adventure perhaps habit has dulled us a bit?

there are ever more mysteries to explore :-)  

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