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picture16 Jul 2004 @ 21:48, by Marissa A Spencer

Oh Mouse!

Mouse oh mouse you do not work
Push or pull or gently jerk
You roll around without a care
Missing teeth, paws and hair

Needing you is my daily trial
As you collect lint all the while
My trepidation is well founded
Without you my surfing's grounded

Perhaps I shall buy yet another
And put you with your broken brother
Collected now o'er time you see
I have a stack or two or three.

Realizing now that in my house
There's no such thing as just one mouse.

(c) January 28, 2000 Marissa A Spencer

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16 Jul 2004 @ 22:01 by bushman : Hmm
Get a laser track ball, then all you got to do is wipe it off now and then, lol.


so now you know what to send me for my birthday next year

lol, right, lol, Im a gardener that makes 200 a month, lol. But I can tell you that I deffinetly got my moneys worth out of this mouse so far, 6 hour games , food debris, dirty fingers, dust, not a problem, I wish this thing had an odometer, I bet its spun a few 1000 miles so far, and still smooth as silk. I think it was 59.99 at office depot. Logiteck laser track ball 2 button.  

17 Jul 2004 @ 00:04 by celestial : I NEED ONE
With a jake-brake on it ! lol  

17 Jul 2004 @ 03:52 by jazzolog : Going Mad For A Pad
Besides the lint on your ball, there's the rubbing, rubbing... Maybe there's something around the house that's free and works. You suppose there's a site somewhere with kitchen tips about pad substitutes. Sand paper?  

17 Jul 2004 @ 07:05 by spiritseek : I got one
I have a laser Logtech mouse, its lasted the longest so far and still smooth.  

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