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18 Sep 2004 @ 04:21, by Marissa A Spencer

Precarious Perch

My morning walk was a bit brief today. I had not put on the proper shoes; nonetheless, I walked into the courtyard behind my work. The stream was still foaming here and there and bubbling appropriately. I stepped along the path over the bridge and to the tall oaks lining the walkway. I stopped abruptly, struck by the sight before me.

Gazing up into the filtered sky, I could see the oak branches. There were three turkeys roosting on those branches. They never cease to amaze me that they can even fly up to a high branch, much less sit on one for any period of time. My rushed morning suddenly melted into a peaceful, happy time. I sat on a nearby bench, smiling at my turkey companions.

I gazed to the right and saw a number of turkeys there as well. Some of them were roosting and some were on the ground. I counted twelve in all. I pondered them, as I always do. I try to see meaning, subtleties in the things I notice. I know what you are thinking. What in the heck is subtle about turkeys?

I noticed that most of the turkeys were finally on the ground, ready to forage for bugs and other nice treats. Then I saw a particularly plump one, struggling to remain on a low, rather thin branch. He bobbed up and down, fanning his tail in his efforts to remain balanced. It was comical to see this. He would stand, he would sit, he would wobble. As his brothers and sisters departed past him for the grasses beyond, he finally decided to flop down and join them. He was the last holdout, the remaining defiant one.

I rather identified with that bobbing, plump turkey. I know how often I have clung to a rather precarious perch in my stubbornness. I am not one to want to join the crowd, even if
the grass is greener.

© September 17, 2004 Marissa A Spencer

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18 Sep 2004 @ 06:06 by bushman : lol
Not to be defiant or anything, but are you sure those are turkeys? They kind of look like really big quail. lol.  

18 Sep 2004 @ 18:57 by skookum : I know there are turkeys
around here.


20 Sep 2004 @ 20:59 by nobertie : Aha
Yeah, watching needs the distance.
And watching you get close...


Suddenly I feel watching have no distance.  

20 Sep 2004 @ 23:28 by skookum : Objects in the mirror
are closer than they appear.  

21 Sep 2004 @ 01:00 by spiritseek : Turkeys
flourish here in Michigan,several seem to gather in the fields near my work and venture into the fenced in areas. Last year they were there just in time for thanksgiving but their protected. We almost had the turkey for our countries bird instead of an eagle.  

21 Sep 2004 @ 04:57 by skookum : Ben Franklin
thought them smart and wily lol

which in the wild they are.. domestic turkeys are just alligator bait  

23 Sep 2004 @ 12:32 by namakando : Our Carnivorous gaze!!
Sadly few would watch them turkeys with the detached objective joy of an ornithologist without having culinary imaginings of thanks-giving and Noel!!Yees enjoy the sight and then eat them later!!It's no wonder i'm ill at ease tearing away at any flesh as food.I guess 'VEGAN PRIDE'is the way to go in the future.i hope some day things will be as they should have been with all living things at peace.  

23 Sep 2004 @ 15:09 by skookum : I wouldn't dream
of harming these grand creatures. I respect Vegans very much, might get there someday myself when I don't have to cook for such a big family. Nice to see you namakando, Tei at says hi.


24 Sep 2004 @ 15:19 by namakando : Thanks for
Granting me my humble request and for giving me a piece of mind.I actually felt quite light headed reading this and when i wrote her as i experienced what i can only term 'Gut Metamophosis'as a joy gave birth to butterflies in me gut.She was actually saying hi?
Thanks for the hug I needed it,

24 Sep 2004 @ 16:15 by skookum : yes
and she apologized for any misunderstandings  

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