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26 Sep 2004 @ 00:07, by Marissa A Spencer

Gather ye Nuts While ye May

By Marissa A Spencer

In the crisp autumn morning you can hear the soft crinkling of falling leaves and the occasional thud of ripened acorns. During my daily walk amongst the trees my path brought me before a harried squirrel.

In his small paws was an acorn prize. I was about five feet away. I waited, watching him look amongst the border plants. Another squirrel was likewise engaged. They both started digging a small hole in the ground. With a furtive look about they buried the acorn. When one of them was done, I walked past him. He seemed quite unafraid of me. I laughed softly at his antics, knowing full well he would probably forget where he buried it.

Reflecting back on that morning I think of the countless seasons that have watched this changing of mood that mother earth goes through. I find great comfort in the predictability of one season flowing into another. I suppose to be thrilled by that crisp nip in the air after a long dusty summer might seem a bit juvenile to some. It is not unusual for me to watch in contented joy some lovely natural scene, or to enjoy the sounds or smells of a softly moving creek in the summer. Is there anything lovelier than seeing all things in their proper place and season?

I have noticed over the years an occasional rebel in the order of things. One time many years ago I gazed out my bedroom window one September. The summer was waning slowly. I blinked, thinking that I was imagining things. For there, in my back yard I could see our cherry tree. There I could see an amazing sight. Somehow, in some confusion that threw Mother Nature off, was a cherry tree in bloom. Peeking about the green leaves were blossoms. Brilliant white flowers were making a humorous wink at me. “See?” They were saying. “It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature, but it’s ok for her to fool you!”

© September 25, 2004

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27 Sep 2004 @ 15:36 by namakando : It reminds me....
Of The Ice Age cartoon which showed the naughty mischief of squirrels about their day to day exploits of cracking Acorns. "Is there anything lovelier than seeing all things in their proper place and season?" There is nothing i can think of right now Skoo.Nature is divinely peaceful when left alone to be enjoyed. It only gets disturbing when tropical cyclones pummel coastlines because WE have caused ocean waters to heat up!(Discharging heated water from Coolers of Nuclear Reactors into the oceans)The fury of mother nature is quite expressive indeed as always SHE fights back in equal measure for every harm we do to her.  

27 Sep 2004 @ 21:29 by skookum : She does
let us know when She is not amused!  

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