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8 Oct 2004 @ 04:04, by Marissa A Spencer

Hello, Raven

When I was a young mother and my oldest son was about four years old, we had a strange experience. I was divorced and I was living with my mother. We had a very large black cat named Maynard, a Siamese named Tillicum and several fish. We obviously loved animals. There was a park nearby and the river not too far either. The small park was at the end of the street and always had joggers running around it and kids playing soccer.

It was a summer morning and we decided to walk to the park. Maynard decided he was going with us. It was only a block away on a quiet street. After passing a few houses, I spied a huge raven on top of the roof of a neighbor’s home. I always talk to any animals I meet, so I said ‘hello’. Our gazes met and he seemed oddly undisturbed by my being close to him. I passed him, not thinking any more about it. My son, my cat and I traveled the short distance to the park. We sat beneath one of the trees that circled the small round park. Maynard climbed the tree. His huge yellow eyes glowered down at us. That large raven soon joined us. My son was sitting on the grass and the raven landed near his foot. Every now and then the raven would take a playful peck at my son’s shoes. I had no idea they ravens were so large. He stood almost two feet tall.

From time to time a jogger would pass by. When the jogger approached, the raven would fly into the tree. When the jogger had passed, the raven would jump down and join us, very close, on the lawn. That is strange. Why did the creature like us anyway? Was it just because I was nice and said hello?

Now, I am not sure what people thought. What would you think if you saw a woman with a huge black cat and a large raven sitting beside her? I was happy I didn’t live long ago. I would find myself roasting on an open fire.

© October 7, 2004 Marissa A Spencer

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8 Oct 2004 @ 05:14 by bushman : lol
Yep, a crispy critter, lol. I think that raven was trying to intimidate the cat.  

8 Oct 2004 @ 08:11 by jstarrs : Got me thinking...
...about Poe's poem & the symbolism of the raven as totem :
"According to Native American belief... they can give the added courage needed to take new steps, and can symbolize an impending change in consciousness. This could be changing your path in life, moving house, taking a new job or going traveling."
In Poe's poem (I can hear Vincent Price, bless 'm, reading it now!) the raven perches on the bust of Pallas, the goddess of wisdom.
His only words are 'nevermore'.  

8 Oct 2004 @ 10:44 by namakando : Avian intellect...
is an area that has not been investigated much. I also have an excitingly odd tale to tell.Growing up as a mischievious boy i foolishly thought i could trap a Crow.I got a shock of my life when i had set up a noose on the ground and some food pieces in the centre.The string lead all the way into the house so that when the crow was in the centre i could pull the string ensnaring the bird.

The crow pushed its talons/feet under the noose,pushed the string away and exposed the food and had a deserved feast!I have read about the intelligence of the crow in books (i.e a thirsty crow once found a half filled bottle of water.It picked small pebbles dropped them in the bottle until the water level rose to where in could drink up with ease/Hey! Archimedes wasn't so smart after all(Up-thrust Principle).I thought all this was merely make believe but this time i experienced it first hand.I vowed never to try and trap any creature for fun but instead be curious to look out for signs of WIT in other species,i learnt my lesson.Therefore i strongly recommeend that expessions like 'Bird Brain' should cease henceforth or be put in context.The raven and the crow are supposed to be in the same family i.e Corvidae

Scientific name Corvus corax

Class: Aves
Order: Passeriformes
Suborder: Passeres
Family: Corvidae
Genus: Corvus
Species: Corax

Isn't it right Skoo?

Let us all look out this odd behaviour in Ravens,Crows,Magpies and Jays  

8 Oct 2004 @ 12:01 by spiritseek : Just yesterday
my son was walking out of the garage and there in the driveway was a large black bird. He said it called to him and flew away. I know they bring messages to people,we have had them show up when looking for houses and we do get the ones that the birds are at. My son joined the army lately so he will be leaving home soon perhaps the bird came for that reason.  

8 Oct 2004 @ 15:17 by skookum : A large number
of crows in your path signifies a gathering of people in your future. If they are eating... there will be food.

Yes Namakando, they are the same family...but wow.. you should see how big the Raven is!  

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