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23 Oct 2004 @ 05:07, by Marissa A Spencer

The Winds Do Blow

The winds tore through our town the other day. Watching out the window at work reminded me of scenes of tornado winds. I knew though that these winds were no comparison to those incredible raging blasts. I dared not wander around the trees on my walk that day, so I gazed wistfully as the storm blew by,making the trees dance almost gaily.

The next day, the sun came out. I decided I would take my walk. The courtyard and stream seemed mostly untouched except for hundreds of acorns of various sizes littering the path. I started out gingerly stepping around acorns and twigs in my way. The light sun filtered down and the crisp air was invigorating. I turned down past the stream and started toward the lawn areas.

Huge limbs lay before me. One limb was on the lawn to the right of me, another to the left on the river stones. Yet another lay before my path, the bright green leaves quivering in the slight breeze. I stopped in place. I looked up, trying to find the trees that suffered this loss. Squinting into the bright sky above, I saw the oak trees. They seemed quite content, their twisting branches making designs above me. I looked down. Hmmm. Those aren’t oak limbs on the ground. I looked to the right. There was a pretty green tree, a faster growing, and more ornamental type. I see. I understand. The oak, steadfast, strong, humbly beautiful, had withstood it all with hardly any damage. While it’s brighter, but less hardy sister suffered great loss.

I always ponder things I see. The earth has lessons for us to learn. The oak wood is strong, slow growing and dense. She has a beauty that is deeper than skin deep. Her roots reach deep into the earth’s spirit, drawing strength and power. If you stand near a very old oak, and you reach deep inside yourself, you will feel her wisdom, her love of the earth. This great peace within the Great Spirit can restore your soul.

A dear friend of mine, a Traditional Dancer and member of the Comanche tribe, told me that his people don’t usually go to a therapist. When they are troubled, the wise elders will tell you to go hug a tree. Sit at her side, pour out of your troubles, and weep at her roots. This is the way of true healing.

© October 22, 2004 Marissa A Spencer

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23 Oct 2004 @ 21:58 by vaxen : Nice...
so awesomely right on. Thankyou, skookum, for this little inspiration. If you liked your little storm you'd really love a Hurricane. We get tornadoes and Hurricanes all the time around here. Talk about a wake up call! Whew! I'm still not over the last one!

Read you piece over at Max's and was pleasently surprosed to see your comment. So succinct, so nicely written, so all you...

It is really nice that you are here at NCN to share your Wisdom with those of us who need it.

Thanks skookum.  

24 Oct 2004 @ 03:07 by martha : Yes very nice essay Marissa
I can see you walking...

did you take the picture?  

24 Oct 2004 @ 04:24 by skookum : no Martha.. the pic is
so very like it looks though

I need to download some pics.. and take some of where I walk

thank you Vax, I have sat through earthquakes... well.. aftershocks I should say, but that certainly is no match of the furies of the sea storms. I hope all the people affected by the storm will be comforted and safe.  

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