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picture 4 Dec 2004 @ 04:16, by Marissa A Spencer

What Manner of Magic?

What manner of magic enters the world,
When lovers cross into timelessness?
This ship of fools never docks
But goes forever on into the night
Lights twinkling on and off
Eyes shining, hearts beating.

Gods and Goddesses smile and sigh
Romancing in vicarious delight
As earth’s children stumble
Over their own hearts and minds
Into lost love and harsh words
Only to rise again into the fray

Love in its trueness possesses no man
More true is man is possessed by love
And for love he will fly into the sun
Fearing not soulful incineration
Defying all that is prudent and wise
To rest upon a soft caressing hand

© December 3, 2004 Marissa A Spencer

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4 Dec 2004 @ 14:07 by spiritseek : Hi
Its about time you posted a new one,I was wondering if you were still around. I hope all is going well for you. Good poem by the way! Very pretty page you created too.  

4 Dec 2004 @ 14:40 by martha : So who are you kissing Mariissa?
another lovely poem. Love seems to be a strong theme of yours.  

4 Dec 2004 @ 16:48 by skookum : shucks..
I'm just a romantic.. what can I say?  

5 Dec 2004 @ 04:04 by koravya : Very refreshing
A welcome Voice.  

5 Dec 2004 @ 16:35 by jstarrs : Had to look up 'vicarious'
...and then thought it sounded like the line "And for love he will fly into the sun" but that's another guy.
I think.
Your should get a book out of your powms.  

6 Dec 2004 @ 07:21 by skookum : thank you
it is my plan to do a children's poem.. in a book

my daughter is to help me illustrate it.. we have diff strengths in our art  

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