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picture 14 Dec 2004 @ 08:05, by Marissa A Spencer

Mistletoe the Merry Mouse:

The Special Visit

Mistletoe sat there cleaning her whiskers. They sparkled in the morning sunshine that filtered through the old house. She looks up and sees the dust motes dancing about her. A wondrous winter day begins again. It is time to start her daily tour of the house. It must be kept in order and everything in its proper place. Her long tail twitched and her round ears searched the air for sounds. All seemed quite the usual this morning.

She smoothed her ruffled chest and started on her morning rounds. The kitchen was quiet. Dust covered everything, but there was no sign of disturbance. Murphy the jumping spider hopped over to her.

“Murphy, do you have any thing to report?” Said Mistletoe.

“No Ma’am Mouse Sir, all has been quiet and clear downstairs Ma’am… er…Sir.” His numerous eyes boggled at her and his mouth worked back and forth. She found him charming in an odd way. He jumped clear up to the cabinet drawer handle and waved at her.

“Well then, good day Murphy, keep up the vigil. You know what tonight is.” She scurried away to check the sitting room.

The fireplace there was covered in ashes and half burnt logs. Woodrow the wood rat was there keeping watch up the flue. He saw Mistletoe and sprang to attention quickly.

“Any news Woody? Anything to report?” Mistletoe waited patiently as Woodrow had a slight stutter if you rushed him.

“Well…Mm-m-m-m-ma’am. I did hear a rum-m-m-m-or? His long tail drug through the ashes as he approached her. His rough brown fur fluffing as he went.

“What was that Woody?” She waited again, trying not to seem impatient.

“Ww-w-w-well, I d-d-d-did hear of some s-s-s-ound heard in the at-t-t-ic.” He smiled broadly, proud that he had gotten out his message.

“Good work Woody, I shall investigate when I am done with my downstairs tour.” She continued on to the back pantry. There seemed to be nothing unusual there or in the other rooms downstairs.

She looked at the tall spiraling staircase before her. She sighed and went looking for her best friend. She found Snickers laying in a spot of sun in the old stuffed chair in the study. Her long tail hung down close to the floor. Mistletoe gave a great tug on the tail and Snickers yowled loudly. The calico cat leapt down and scooped up Mistletoe into her mouth quickly. Much muffled screaming was heard. Mistletoe finally pries open the mouth and starts thrashing and trying to grasp a whisker.

“Haaaaay!! It was just a joke Snickers!” Mistletoe climbed out onto the cat’s nose.

“MMMerrrrroooooowwww…well.. I got ya back now didn’t I?” She gave a cat wink and a purry chuckle and sat before the slightly soggy mouse.

“Gee, thanks Snicky, I just love cat-breath baths. Now get serious you old fur face, we have a report of odd happenings in the attic. I am not climbing that staircase on these little paws of mine. Do you mind so awfully much to take me upstairs?” Her mouse eyes twinkled hopefully at her friend.

“Sure, anything for my little mouse friend. What have you found out so far?”

“Woody reported that odd noises have been heard upstairs last night. He has been watching up the flue for hours. I am going to investigate, are you game to join me?”

“Sure, it has been terribly boring around here lately. Come on then, hop on.” Snickers lowered herself and Mistletoe climbed on grabbing a small paw-full of colorful fur.

Snickers sauntered to the stairs and bounded up quickly, giving Mistletoe a wild ride. At the top of the stairs they stop abruptly. They look around carefully and Snickers starts walking into each bedroom in turn. There seems to be nothing amiss or out of place. Snickers and Mistletoe explore every room. The silence is broken by a small tinkling sound.

“What was THAT?” Snickers froze into place and crouched, ready to pounce. Her enormous green eyes searched the area. A small cough was heard in the attic. They both looked up wide-eyed and curious.

“You know what they said about curiosity Snickers…” Mistletoe held on tighter and a bit nervously.

“Sure I do Missy, but you know we gotta find out what it is. That is our job, protecting the house.” Snickers crept slowly to the attic stairs. In a gradual climb to the top, each step brought them closer to the scurrying sounds above them. Snickers peeked up through the hole that entered the attic and saw something moving in a pile of cloth.

“What do you suppose it is?” whispered Mistletoe.

“I don’t know, we’d better get closer and take a look.” Snickers gracefully climbed onto the floor and softly approached the thrashing bundle entangled in cords and fabric.

A small voice from the pile shouted something hard to understand. Snickers and Mistletoe looked at each other and started tearing frantically at the fabric trying to remove it and set free the small creature trapped beneath it.

Finally a small round person rolled out from the cloth and stood before them. He was no more than six inches high and sported some very fancy wings behind his shoulders. It was obvious he was a fairy. He was not cute though. He was dark haired, pudgy and clumsy and had a rather sour look on his face. His brown and green clothes were quite dusty. Mistletoe had gotten down to help him up.

“Well, finally! How long did you expect to let me be trapped in that huge parachute anyway? Do you know how important today is? Well, do you?” He stood there with his hands on his hips, glaring at them.

“Hello Dexter.” said Mistletoe, “We had no idea you were up here. I am very sorry we didn’t get to you sooner. Woodrow heard you and let me know as soon as he could. Please… let’s go downstairs and talk about tonight.”

Dexter took flight and Mistletoe hopped back on Snickers back and they went down quickly to the sitting room. Dexter waved his wand and tea was suddenly set for all on the small table there. He sat there holding a small teacup, and munching a cookie. Smoked salmon was on Snickers’ plate and some wonderful cheese was set for Mistletoe.

“You know she comes tonight, don’t you? There is no way this place is even fixed up enough. Have you got the straw yet?” Dexter pulled out a notepad and started scribbling.

Snickers curled up and started grooming herself. Mistletoe sat down and sighed. “No we don’t have the straw.”

Dexter flew up to the middle of the room and took out a sparkling wand. “Do I have to do everything? Oh well. Here goes then!” The room shimmers a bright gold and a great wind blows everyone to and fro. Suddenly all goes dark and becomes eerily silent. In the darkness they hear music from afar.

The house came to life with hundreds of candles. They glowed in every corner of the house. On every window frame there were garlands of evergreen boughs. Mistletoe hung above each doorway. Straw lay on the floor and straw goats were decorating the mantle with a four huge candles glowing between them. The music became louder. Outside someone was approaching. The trees lining the drive had apple pieces and suet hanging for the birds. The path was lit with candles too. The snow glowed under the full moon a beautiful icy blue.

Dexter, Mistletoe, Snickers and Woodruff went to the window to look toward the sounds. A figure approached followed by reindeer and various forest animals. Murphy crawled onto one of the boughs to watch too. The music grew louder and everyone rushed to take his or her places in the drawing room. Dexter waves his wand and the Yule log burns brightly. They are all dressed up. Dexter was in his holiday finery of gold and red. Murphy, Snickers and Woodrow had colorful bows around their necks.

The front door opens and two reindeer enter…followed by a young woman dressed in white. About her head a wreath with candles glowed. Her waist was girdled in a red belt, her arms laden with a huge tray of good tidings and cheer. She sets the tray down on the table and raises her arms to those watching. The room is filled with light and joy.

“I Lucia have come to bring you the joy of the season. The dark night of winter is soon o’er. I bless this house with light, love and peace. May you take this peace to all you meet in the coming year. May the world magnify the light you shine in your hearts.” She rested her hands upon the reindeer at her side and smiled at them. “Thank you, for giving me rest for a moment on this midwinter time. Eat! Be merry! Sleep well into the coming dawn.”

She turned softly and left the house. The tinkling music followed her as the dawn lightened the sky. Merry, Snicky, Woody , Murph and Dex sat happily down to feast on the cakes and drink Santa Lucia had left them. They raised their cups to each other, even Murph had a drop in his small hand, to toast the day.

Dexter said the toast. “Let the peace and love in our hearts spread to all the world this night and forever!”

“Here here!” The friends shouted.

“Amen!” said little Murph.

With the dawning light filtering through the curtains, they all curled up before the Yule log and slept on the straw bed until midday. Dexter finally rose above them and quietly waved a goodbye to their sleeping forms.

“Until next year, keep the Yule log burning my friends.” Then, “Pop!” he was gone.

© December 13, 2004 Marissa A Spencer

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14 Dec 2004 @ 14:44 by spiritseek : What a nice story
and quite a twist on the old one.  

14 Dec 2004 @ 15:53 by martha : enjoyed your tale Marissa
thanks for sharing and reminding us of the wonder.  

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