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 I Wait for the Springtime1 comment
picture 23 Dec 2004 @ 09:31, by Marissa A Spencer

I wait for the Springtime,
When all that frozen emptiness becomes life once again.
It seems like winter’s clawing silence hovers o’er me
And ice droplets ping against tin roofs.

Gurgling and oozing and sliding melting ebb and flow.
Splashing and droplet, like still pictures, hang motionless
And with the sun they drip and with the night they freeze.
I keep looking for that Currier and Ives warmth.
It always beckons from those postcards of winter
But the only warmth they could give is to start the kindling…
For I am frozen in all my being
I wait for the springtime
For you are the heat that melts the never-ending winter
There will be no flowers without you.

Marissa A Spencer
©January 16, 2001

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1 comment

23 Dec 2004 @ 14:28 by martha : And the bulbs
are drinking in all that lovely mositure, spreading roots, growing the foundation to brave our world.

Thanks Marissa, enjoyed the verse and saw all the drops transform.  

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