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picture 31 Dec 2004 @ 23:02, by Marissa A Spencer Ian Britton "Blossoms"

may you all be blessed in the new year


The clouds hung with gray marbled margins
They wept as the winds swept the streets
The sun burns above and beyond them
A constancy of forever, eternity, blessedness

Until I knew the trueness of a loving heart
All I ever saw was the dark, lonely coldness
How our perceptions foul golden reality
And lead us unto endless paths to nowhere

The love showers down upon us all
And we, and I, shunned it and cried bitterly
Where is my love, where is my love?
Where indeed; for it was always there

In reaching out, opening up, gathering in
Love, joy, peace and plenty come again
For our realities are of our own making
Be then mindful, where your reality lies

Those clouds will part into sparkling light
You will be filled, gently sated and loved
Peace will be your companion always
You will see the truth and make it yours

Life is the tree laden with precious fruits
You will not have joy if you only look down
When all you seek is the wasted ones on the ground
You will never see the blossoms and the sky.

© December 31, 2004 Marissa A Spencer

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1 Jan 2005 @ 07:30 by gea : A Happy 2005 To You!
Marissa, I love your poems. May Light and Joy be with you all through 2005.  

1 Jan 2005 @ 07:36 by skookum : to you too
May joyous light always precede and follow your nights, and may your nights be filled with stars to guide your way.

thank you so much  

1 Jan 2005 @ 14:28 by spiritseek : Love to you Marissa
I feel your heart connect with mine. May you receive what your heart desires.Love to you sister.  

1 Jan 2005 @ 14:43 by martha : Happy New year Marissa
Yes look up, not down and follow your dreams.  

1 Jan 2005 @ 18:11 by astrid : Very, very
poignant, Marissa. Thanks! May 2005 turn out to be the BEST yet for you and your family, in fact for all of us!  

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