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picture 13 Feb 2005 @ 05:39, by Marissa A Spencer

pic from [link]

A whispered Valentine

Away Into the Night

Will you come to my waiting open arms
Lest you in your night flights go astray
Whether in light or heaviness you rest
There will be a place for you beside me

For we wander so oft to colder realms
May we at last in calm surrender reside
Safe, close, within my waiting embraces
I in yours, forever in the eye of the storm

Let the tempest rage beyond our haven
As we stand against the winds of life
The waters rise, breaking the pathway edge
The cold settles behind us as we run

Into the soft sunshine of our secret world
The peace of your touch brings me close
Your eyes, your mouth, your need joins mine
The storm outside fades away into the night

© February 12, 2005 Marissa A Spencer

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16 Feb 2005 @ 00:48 by astrid : So very true, Marissa!
... and a great Pic, too! Funny... We must have been in the same "places"!...
1984 I wrote a poem ( in swedish) with one line ( translated ) "To rest in the Eye of the Storm.../Isn't that what you really want? " --and that is pretty much the only line of the my poem I never forgot!... ( I also remember the guy to whom I dedicated it.... : )
We're still in touch! He's working for Heaven on Earth back home in Stockholm, just like I'm doing here. For the longest time we were talking about him coming to visit me here.... but... I don't think that will ever happen! Life goes on!...Still our Friendship/Comradery is Forever!)  

16 Feb 2005 @ 01:24 by skookum : yes Astrid
our love/spirit connections never go away.

thank you for reading it  

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