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picture 4 Apr 2005 @ 05:18, by Marissa A Spencer

The Sea of Souls

Rest you in the softness
Of timeless arms and dreams
Embracing and letting go
Where darkness was; begin
Bring to light the day now
There is no reason to pause

Back to back in the vortex
We all shine in the pathways
Let it be a moment that flees
And joins another ever faster
Be where the lines meet together
Snowflakes melting into rivers

Let the worlds form and pass
While the endless journey starts
Into the rarefied air of aspiration
By the depths of our own darkness
A luminescence gathers around us
Sit in the gathering of wise ones

Where in the lighted corridors
We walk the crystal stones
Past the halls of lost wisdom
To reach to the stars of compassion
Now through to the sea of souls
Where the ebbing cold fires flow

© April 3, 2005 Marissa A Spencer

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4 Apr 2005 @ 20:23 by jmarc : tempus fugit about it
ride the wave!  

5 Apr 2005 @ 01:57 by skookum : Party on, Wayne!
Party on, Garth!  

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