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picture 11 Apr 2005 @ 07:09, by Marissa A Spencer

A journey begins with just one step it is said...

or does it?

A Remembering

Where in time has it begun?
Our journey forlornly starts
In a roaring silence

Yet I hear the whispers
Following my futures
Calling from the past

A trail leads me ahead
To a remembering

We, you , I and us
All together once knew
The secrets of time
The order of thought
A cosmos of light

Yet we doubt our place
The path blurs before us
We must find the trail
Blind eyes must open
And let the light in

Our journey never ends
When in remembering
We gather as one again

© April 10, 2005 Marissa A Spencer

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11 Apr 2005 @ 08:57 by jstarrs : Beginningless time?
Maybe, in some way.  

11 Apr 2005 @ 09:03 by judih : cosmic trekking
entering inner zone
silence echoes with passing futures
alone, this One is emptily hungry
moving in stillness

lovely piece, marissa


12 Apr 2005 @ 02:19 by jerryvest : The Gathering
"Our journey never ends
When in remembering
We gather as one again"

Very beautiful, marissa--recognizing that we are eternal beings, mediates the seriousness of our lives and of our relations. Thanks.


12 Apr 2005 @ 05:25 by skookum : thank you all

Starman.. ya know it's poetry.. no rhyme or reason right? lol

judih... I think you understand very well

jerry....thank you...we are all in this together..  

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