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picture 4 Jun 2005 @ 06:19, by Marissa A Spencer

Pic "Super Portal" by my son Benjamin 2002, age 7
msn paint brush

My Sunrise Child

Walk with me my sunrise-child.
Your starry eyes shine all the night,

When traveling on the fluid light.
Rise with me past the edge of day.

The days rushing journey goes on.
Dear comet-traveler stay with me,
Ride the wild winds or sail the sea.
Wander the shadow depths beneath

Your smile shows a greater hope
Loving powers of eternal design
I feel your heart so close to mine.
I’m not afraid to brave the stars

Will you return so soon my friend?
If you leave me my heart will break.
Isn’t there some part of me you take?
I too could travel the cosmos fair

Take me with you.

© June 3, 2005 Marissa A Spencer

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1 comment

8 Jun 2005 @ 17:48 by judih : oh, how beautiful
marissa! this fills me with multi sensed pleasure.

the painting, the poetry.
thank you


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