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picture 2 Aug 2005 @ 08:35, by Marissa A Spencer


There is a falling into the night slumbers
The whispers of the day pass into silence

Turnings in my weary mind wind down
I need you near me to shut out the day

Enfolding arms force out the coldness
We in combination become the cosmos
Evolving suns growing brighter, hotter
Creating new realms, mysteries, fantasies

Exploring the wonders of each other now
Never finding the last unknown country
Ever new, ever a trembling discovery
We, travelers of the inner universe

August 2, 2005 Marissa A Spencer

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6 Aug 2005 @ 15:30 by jerryvest : ariana
marissa, i loved your poem because it helps me feel good about myself. I also love to read poetry because beauty comes from the heart and gets passed on. Thank you for sharing your poetry to me and the world.

Best wishes from Ariana.  

6 Aug 2005 @ 19:40 by jstarrs : Hey, that's one of the best, so far...
Love the trembling discovery...
Creaton, creativity, is this...a wonderment, a lack of hopelessness, a song to the other.  

7 Aug 2005 @ 05:20 by skookum : thank you
it all helps me remember...

amidst the turmoils and sadness of the world...a small piece of light can be held close.  

8 Aug 2005 @ 05:37 by astrid : Absolutely
LOVELY!!! Lovely, lovely, Marissa!.... just like you!  

8 Aug 2005 @ 07:49 by skookum : You are truly a star
that shines for us

thank you  

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