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picture 26 Oct 2005 @ 06:35, by Marissa A Spencer

Hollow’s Fright

By Marissa A Spencer

Don’t walk down the East Lawn Road
Past the marble orchard that is so cold
Where the hills dip and meander ‘round
And night birds call their eerie sound

Behind and an old oak lies an evil stone
On Hollow’s Night you can hear it moan
Buried there ‘neath that cold, cold ground
From flesh rotted lips comes forth the sound

When you see that creeping fog of green
Pray for your soul that you aren’t seen
For the devil’s coming to seek his own
To strip the life from flesh and bone

He will seek the innocent if they slip
So run for your life and do not trip!
His putrid stench is filling the air
He is out free from his hidden lair

All those that died while evil they cried
Assist their master in his devilish ride
They grab the unwary if you’re out at night
It matters not if you scream and fight

Unheard of horrors pass by your gaze
Running franticly in a Dead Man’s Maze
You thrash and fall, hard to the ground
Then you wake up…
…………………….Safe and sound

© October 5,2003

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