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27 Oct 2005 @ 05:22, by Marissa A Spencer

In Grampy’s House

In Grampy’s house down the dusty stairs
No-seeums and skerlies catch ya unawares
They’ll grab you when you turn to go
Make the shutters shake,make the winds to blow

In Grampy’s house when the lights go out
The ghoulies moan and the ghosties pout
The doors all creak when no one’s there
But you are brave, not you they’ll scare!

In Grampy’s house the dead do walk
When all alone you’ll hear ‘em talk
Whispering such creepy, spooky things.
The bats wake up and stretch their wings

In Grampy’s house ‘cuz you come alone
In lantern light, no power or phone
The cobwebs hang in great sticky strands
Your skin crawls from unseen hands

In Grampy’s house you settle for the night
Nothing here can give YOU a fright!
You close your eyes in slumber deep
The house breathes in and phantoms creep

In Grampy’s house a search was made
They found the bed where you had layed
Spots of blood found on the stairs
A rip of clothing, some torn out hairs

In Grampy’s house they have a guest
Who walks the halls to never rest
The house sighs, the ghoulies scream
A nightmare in a lost soul’s dream

In Grampy’s house they lock the door
One more missing, they want no more
Warnings tacked on each sill and post
They don’t want another ghost.

Marissa A. Spencer © September 27, 2002

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1 comment

2 Jan 2016 @ 09:24 by Jeux Gratuit @ : telecherger jeux
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