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24 Mar 2006 @ 07:21, by Marissa A Spencer

a new one...

Can You Imagine?

Can you smell the sea where you are?
In my wandering mind I look into the distance.
The sad and empty horizon zooms away.
How far apart are we now?
How far do I have to imagine?

I wish I could look through your eyes ,
And gaze into your wandering mind's vision;
Hear your wishes upon that far away star
Can you hear me whispering your name?
How far can you imagine?

The fates toss our fractured souls to the winds
Oh, the trials that send us hither again
Yet, I can almost see your light that shines
Is that you I see in the distance now?
How far can we imagine?

(c) March 23, 2006 Marissa A Spencer

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1 comment

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