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 The Fairy Rock at Gallu-gillee1 comment
picture 6 May 2006 @ 09:20, by Marissa A Spencer

do you believe?

Illustration by Brian Froud

The Fairy Rock at Gallu-gillee

The Fairy Rock at Gallu-gillee
Was home to the wee folk by the sea
Magic dwelth 'neath the peat and stone
So best you leave that place alone

Townsfolk came to visit one day
To this quaint village by the bay
They drank and heard the tales of old
And in their drink they became too bold

"Let's visit the wee folk tonight", they boasted.
"Maybe we'll call on the Elf King!" they toasted.
Much protest and warning the villagers cried.
"The last to go there are missing or died!"

"Surely, we cannot believe such nonesense you see"
"No such things exist 'neath the Gallu-gillee."
"Mark my warning words", and old man said.
"We will find you tomorrow, missing or dead."

They heard enough of the old man's tricks
To the Rock they headed with tools and picks
Laughing and drinking they sang their way
Hoping to carouse 'til the break of day

The villagers lit candles and prayed all night
To the ancient ones to leave things all right
The morning came and the villagers woke
Gazing up to the rock, nobody spoke.

They all went together to Rock just to see
What befell the townsfolk at Gallu-gillee
One they found at the base of the rock
Mumbling and thrashing, unable to talk

Another was dead; a ghastly look on his face
The others were gone, with ne'er a trace
The villagers buried the one that had died
A warning unheeded, but at least they tried

(c) May 4th 2006 Marissa A Spencer

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1 comment

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