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picture 28 Apr 2007 @ 07:49, by Marissa A Spencer

one for the road...

pic (c) by my daughter Krystal


Wandering a lonely stretch of road,
I met myself in introspection.
Midst arguing a worrisome thought,
There lay before me sitting on a leaf
The smallest of ladybugs

So in that moment, I stopped
Bending lower and truly looking
To see its back in red shining glory
So contrasted on the green of leaves
My mind ceased its worry

Here in all its glory the earth lives
She rumbles, she rains, she flows
Blue sky, blue water, blue stone
We are like this small ladybug
All we see is the leaf we are on

© April 28, 2007 Marissa A Spencer

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28 Apr 2007 @ 17:06 by celestial : Marissa,
What lovely poem. And a few more will comprehend what you are saying.  

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