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13 May 2007 @ 03:44, by Marissa A Spencer

yeah it's mushy..don't ya love it? lol

Love's Addiction

by Marissa A Spencer

If love is an addiction,
Then I have flailed and floundered
In my own dark and shameful secret.
Where can I put that thrilling thought
of your nearness to rest into the sunshine?
How can I stand in the open and know
what I know, feel what I feel?

In the light of day, distractions flood me
Yet in the quiet I am wrenched into your arms
Seeing you, yet not seeing you at ev'ry breath
Our shared whisperings so complete
This addiction binds our flames to one
We understand our foibles and fears
You know me too well

I see my mind rebel and thrash at you
That fools bear such folly into the night?
Your meandering warmth flows into me
Suddenly, calm light enfolds me softly
Such peace fills the universe completely
If you withdrew I would wane into the wind
I know me too well, also.

© May 12, 2007

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13 May 2007 @ 21:25 by hgoodgame : Imaginary lovers..
never turn you down, when all the others turn you away they're around.. Atlanta Rhythm Section

I watched a very good (and funny) movie the other day, 'Unconditional Love', if you haven't seen it I recommend it. Stars Kathy Bates, Dan Akroyd.

That's a deeply beautiful poem, and I know how reality begins with imagination. Everything we live began with imagining. After a while it becomes real!  

13 May 2007 @ 21:36 by skookum : umm...
who said it was imaginary? *smiles secretly

thanks hun  

13 May 2007 @ 21:38 by hgoodgame : I know..
There's not much difference, a fine line and *poof* you're there!  

14 May 2007 @ 03:51 by skookum : ahahhahahaha

what can i say to that lol  

6 Jun 2012 @ 09:44 by christy @ : on love addiction
Funny how we usually take love addiction as a joke or something that's not that serious when in real life it do exists!  

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