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17 Aug 2007 @ 06:31, by Marissa A Spencer

a blessing

Sing to the Earth

Grandmother Earth hear me
You cradle the land and water
and watch your children grow
The winds laugh across the hills
as they stir the dust devils into the sky

Heal the broken spirit of your children
Bring to them the shining rainbow
Let them walk upon the land in beauty
May all our relations be in harmony
that we will speak in softer tones

And only raise our voices in song
Sing to the sun as the day rises
Sing to the moon as it lights the night
Sing to the stars that show our path
Sing to the earth, keeping it well

© August 16, 2007 Marissa A Spencer

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22 Aug 2007 @ 18:05 by a-d : THANKS Mariss!
you can see your Poem on my website/Healing Fields ( I thought this Poem is so healing so I chose to post it in the Healing section.)  

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