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picture 14 Dec 2007 @ 06:52, by Marissa A Spencer

Winter makes me think of Robert Frost... and that makes me think of poetry..

so.. In honor of traditional poem writing..

here is a winter poem

pic is from this site.. and is free..


The Frozen Woods

I follow the path through the frozen woods
Where the wind blows eddies where once I stood
It pushes me onward as the darkness grows
As the blue shadows creep on the crunching snow

I rush to find a light in the far distant night
And find only shivers and a frosty bite
I now gather my cloak in the lonely lane
And start to believe that my search is in vain

Is it a glimmer I see cross the wooded glen?
How I yearn for the warmth of my home again
Tears come to my eyes for I think I am lost
Finally, seeing a light through the window frost

A flung open door greets my snow- ridden face
Oh, jubilance soars in our joyous embrace!
Darkened shores did tempt me too often to roam
When all I ever needed or wanted was home

© December 13, 2007 Marissa A Spencer

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14 Dec 2007 @ 08:09 by susannahbe : Nice one Marissa!
thanks :-)
have you seen this site?  

14 Dec 2007 @ 13:38 by athedge : What a wonderful image!
The image of home is so visceral. A beacon of warmth on a cold night. I especially connected with the idea of being lost and afraid and then seeing the glimmering light and feeling safe once again.

Thank you for my poetry "fix"!

Peace :)  

14 Dec 2007 @ 17:00 by jmarc : 8 inches of fluffy stuff
here last night.
Stay warm and cozy.
Have a hot Cocoa.
I like mine with a bit of orange extract.  

14 Dec 2007 @ 18:00 by skookum : oh sounds
good jmarc.. never did that. thanks are welcome... i just try to write the pictures in my head

susannahbe...thanks for the site and thank you all for reading my 'stuff'

stay warm and safe



23 Dec 2007 @ 22:16 by a-d : I think
you really thug in the deepest of Heartstrings with:".... When all I ever needed or wanted was home" . To know/have a Place where we really are safe and know we are safe and ( can allow ourselves to ) truly feel it.... is (the Place where) Home ( is )!
heyyy.... btw, do you remember an old old song (from an old old Movie) "When It's Lampligthing Times In The Valleyyyyyy...."
I love the tune of that Song (the Swedish & Finnish Lyrics are NOT QUITE as Tear dripping sad( Melodramatic ) as the English ones...; ), but sad enough to make me cry -if I feel the need to cry... which I can easily do this time of the year!.... all I need to do is sing the song (in all three lingos ) a few times and that unleashes a flood of tears!
I just realized yesterday, what made my childhood home to HOME; all the wonderful fragrances, that always were just magically there; each Special Season /Holiday had its own special fragrance in our Home...
Yuppp! THANKS, Sis! Thousand Hugs& Kisses/A-d  

24 Dec 2007 @ 07:52 by skookum : you are so welcome
home.. sometimes a feeling that has no set place..

it is the place where you belong and are accepted

I have had my granddaughter visiting the last few days...we have been baking..

the fragrances of cinnamon, cloves.. turkey.. ham..

it all means home  

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