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11 Apr 2004 @ 18:07, by Carl Landsness

I wish to follow my "Easter Tears" poem with an "Easter Hope" poem. It is part of a dream and quest that emerged out of my despair. The complete dream will be unveiled in a new website later this month.

While initially targetting a single nation, it is intended to help our entire world transmute our worst nightmares into the dream of all time.

May it give you hope,
and resurrection.

"We Need a Dream, America"

(Start playing "America the Beautiful" softly)

We need a dream, America
We need to help each other
We need our God to help us
We need to heal Earth Mother

We need a hero’s courage
We need an athlete’s strength
We need a godlike wisdom
We need love’s power and length

May we face the fear that binds us
Finding faith to risk the new
May we build a grand new nation
That sparkles like the dew

May we tame the storms that thrash us
Or ride their waves with grace
May we master using love and light
To tame or ride like an ace

May we heal the wounds that hurt us
With forgiveness, tears, and faith
May we help to heal all others
Releasing blame and hate

May we nurture those around us
With patience, trust, respect
May we tell them when they irk us
Dropping judgement and reject

May we embrace those who hate us
And seek to understand
May we transmute our inner tyrant
To shine where e’r we land

May we better love Earth Mother
Who has given us so much
May we know that she is hurting
And needs our caring touch

May we rest our rigid righteousness
From all we’ve held like glue
May we open to new paradigms
So grand new dreams come through

May we not forget our humor
When life gets rough and tough
May we laugh and play like children
To balance somber serious stuff

May we share our wealth with others
Especially those in need
May we use our utmost humble care
To enhance their self-esteem

May we see the gift in problems
As chance to grow ourselves
May we discover self-improvement
As the way to help all else

May we climb our massive mountains
Without whining, doubt, or rest
May we feel elation bigtime
When we win our lifetime tests

May we find those devil demons
Are guides of the greatest type
May we learn that broken hearts
Are gates to heaven… and LIFE

May we face the devil himself
Looking deep into his eyes
May we shine our light of healing love

May we let there be no limit
To what we dream about
May we trust that help is with us
Dispelling all our doubt

May we drop discount of dreamers
Who break beyond the blue
May we thank them for their vision
To tap tomorrow’s truth

May we take the time to pause
And honor those who shaped us
May we feed our hearts and souls
With reverence and forgiveness

May we marvel at the magic
Like precious children do
May we thank the Lord for helping
If not, our gifts be few

Yes, America
We need a dream
The dream of all dreams
The dream of all time

Yes, America
We need a dream
The dream of all dreams
The dream of all time


(Orchestra: hold chord and drum roll)

May we dream

(Higher chord)

And dream

(Higher chord)

And dream

(Higher chord)


(Add choir… with power: AMERICA! AMERICA!…)

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