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4 Nov 2004 @ 00:26, by Robert Oveson

Over at The Smirking Chimp there was an article about how Bush won the election because he kept his platform to a very simple agenda, which turned out to be a successful strategy since the majority of Americans were stupid. The author also mentioned that the real reason driving the US foriegn policy was oil. So I made this reply and thought I would repeat it here and perhaps with a little more research expand this into a publishable article.

There are three aspects of the oil thing 1)as a consumer product for energy and transportation 2)as the means to mobilize the military -- if you can control all the oil you can shut down every other countries military (or at least restrict it to the MADD of nukes), and the most urgent is 3)that of petrodollars vs petroeuros - which is the only thing that is keeping the US from bankruptcy.

Digging deeper though is that every US political arguement must start with the premise that the "American Dream" is legitimate and must be defended at all costs. To bring morality into the discussion is a direct threat to American hegemony and subconsciously the Americans know this; at the intuitive hive level of the herd they are much more intelligent than the intellectuals. When the long term good of the planet is in opposition to the short term gain of America then it is indeed a with us or against us situation, and to go against the American interest is treason. The problem is compounded by the fact that stupidity is not a crime but treason is, so stupidity is a defense mechanism of the wise.

Howl now and let me know how close to the core of the taboo I have touched.

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4 Nov 2004 @ 02:53 by spiritseek : Stupid is as stupid does
As I see it your right about those who put Bush back into office for another four years just to loose everything ever gained in the past. I guess they don't need the working class any more.Its all a matter of numbers or who dies with the most oil.  

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